Whatís WRONG with the way FREE ALTERNATIVE ENERGY is wasted today?
How can you profit by doing it better?

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  1. Wind, those big wind turbines
    1. They cost $1.3 million a piece.
    2. They only capture 5-7% of their swept area.
    3. They throw away energy in a worthless gear box.
    4. They generally donít turn fast, even though their blades are designed for speed.
    5. You have to hire ďTurbine CowboysĒ to climb up and fix them.

    (Nowadays itís possible to collect nearly 100% of their capture area, and generate electricity at at least 70% efficiency, and do it without moving parts.)

  2. Hydro
    1. Huge cost for big dams.
    2. Mess up the land and watershed.

    (Nowadays, a 50-foot piece of plastic sewer pipe and an AC motor do a better job.)

  3. Wave Power & Tidal Power
    1. Seldom used
    2. Messes up the beach unnecessarily

    (Nowadays, such plants can be built at sea, without messing up the environment.)

  4. Solar
    1. Expensive
    2. Only 15% efficient
    3. Runs down at Sundown

    (Nowadays, solar energy can be collected with Reflective Shingles, and used to make artificial geothermal energy storage, that wonít rundown at sundown.)

  5. Nuclear
    1. Toxic
    2. Dangerous

    (Nowadays, radioactivity does not need to be concentrated, but used in the ground, naturally.)

  6. Housing
    1. Wasteful
    2. Expensive

    (Nowadays, homes have no need to wear out in just 30 years, whatís more they can heat and cool themselves naturally, even in cold Montana, without commercial energy.)

  7. Rust Power
    1. Ignored

    (Nowadays, the Earth is littered with junk metal, including military equipment. Why not turn it back into plane old ore, while extracting its energy?

  8. Land
    1. Waste what they have.
    2. Fight over whatís left.
    3. Charge too much

    (Even nowadays, they arenít making any more land, but YOU can. Iím happy to show you all these things. A half-century of science and building has shown me how.

All but solar uses energy-robbing moving parts.
All can be homemade on a budget, better.
Each can give you a good income.
Iíve done it better, and you can too.

This website shows you how to use your head instead of your pocket book, to solve these problems.

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