Are You Still Working?
When you could be retired, while helping the planet too?



Meet the Scientist
Meet the Scientist

    Ask yourself: "Why am I still working?" You don’t have to, you know! I’m retired, why don’t you retire?

    You’re not 65! So what! There are many many ways to “retire” without being old. I say that again:
There exist many ways to RETIRE without being old.”

    How so?

    Way back in 1981, I spent the most of the whole year writing a book, “Passive Annual Heat Storage, improving the design of Earth Shelters”. I’d never written a book before. One day, I met my old English teacher. And, I told him I’d written a book. He said, “Oh my god!” I was not a very good English student. But the idea worked. My knowledge and experience were a resource to me.

    What I discovered was, once the work was finished, I simply became a paper salesman. What that translated into was a very big reduction in the amount of hours spent actually working. Almost retired!

    I fed my family off that book for 10 years. I wasn’t smart enough to recognize it, but I was almost “retired.” I still sell some ebooks, now and then. It’s good to be retired! I can now spend more time doing the things I enjoy most. You can too! Not by sending me your money, as with most get-rich-schemes. (Although, that would be nice for me.) But I offer this information free. Because I like the idea of helping folks help our planet.

    Many “rich” people are really retired. Granted, it was easier for them when interest rates were higher. Their money took care of them, so they could party all the time. After all, their money took care of them. Of course not all rich people are smart enough to recognize that value of their wealth. They want to make more and more money. (I guess they think that the one who dies with the most toys, wins. I don't think so!)

    But consider: “That’s what they want to do.” Not like you, who work because you have to work.

    See the difference?

    Well, how do you retire, even at your age? Consider your resources. You may not have money, but do you have free wind, water, or solar energy where you are? Do you own land, or can you beg-borrow-or-almost-steal some in sunny Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, or other sunny place? There’s a drought in Texas. Are you still dumb enough to try being a farmer, when there's no water, while the Sun shines money on you every day, even where you are?

    Put it to work!

    There’s floods along the Mississippi. Why aren’t you selling houses that float? Do you live in “tornado alley?” Why don’t you have a fleet of salespersons selling safer underground homes with a Built-In Comfortable Temperature? Why don’t you live in one? Did a tsunami wipe out your home in Japan? Why aren’t you burning that wood the sea provided to you, to generate electricity instead of “burning” dangerous uranium? Why aren’t these resources of yours working to earn you a retirement? They can you know. It just takes knowledge and effort. I provide much of the knowledge. (I'm old and handicapped.) You just have to learn and provide the “effort.”

    I met a fellow in Eastern Washington State, back in the ‘80s, who earned $250,000 a year off a small hydro plant he built himself. He recognized that he had a small year-around stream in his back yard that had a drop of over 100 feet, just enough to power an old fashioned, 1890s, Pendleton Wheel hydroelectric plant. It generated electricity, which he sold to the power company. All he had to do was check on his plant once a week or so to keep up with maintenance. The rest of the time he could spend doing whatever he liked. His flowing-water resource took very good care of him in his “retirement.” You can too! Why not?

    So you don’t have a 100 foot dropping stream in your back yard. But does the wind blow? Does the Sun shine? Do you have ocean waves that pound a nearby beach, relentlessly? Do you have free seawater that can be made fresh, easily and sold? Wake up, money is all around you!

    I offer a FREE ebook, “Saving the Planet, while making a profit.” Have you read it? There I offer 57 ways to make money and buy more beer, from resources you may already have for free, while helping our planet too. But like my books, you have to first build your money-making-venture. Then after you build it, you can retire. It’s as simple as that. Everybody else is busy working their rear-ends off trying to make a living. While you’ve retired, and have more time to do the things you want. Like drinking beer, fishing, or whatever.

    Let me give you an example: Some folks buy solar panels. That’s nice of them. But very few of them can retire by selling electricity back to the power company. Even though many states have laws that say you can. But why don’t they? Well there are multiple reasons:

  1. They never realized they could. They never saw the money that’s all around us.
  2. All the advertising education they get, tells us to “Save on our electric bills.” That’s cool, but why not earn enough off the Sun to retire. You can you know!
  3. Their expensive solar panels are only about 15% efficient. That’s cool for the manufacturer, but most of that money-making energy either reflects back into outer space, where it came from, or heats the shingles. Why not capture more of it, and retire? You can you know. Do you have a house with a roof on it? A small 1000 sq. ft. home usually has 1,000,000 BTUs of solar energy that lands for free on its shingles each day. Why isn't it generating money for you?
  4. They sell those big 3-bladed windmills for $1.3 million each. Yet they only capture 5-7% of their swept area. The rest of the money blows between the blades! Who’s the smart one, the customer or windmill maker?

     There exist better ways, and far less expensive ways, too.

    My free ebook shows you how to build a solar-electric system that doesn’t rundown at sundown. Why is that important to you? Because the power company will often pay more for electricity generated when they need it, not just when the sun’s out. What if you had a way to store that valuable energy? You can, you know! You’d be helping the planet too. The more alternative energy we use, the less oil we need. The less greenhouse gas we generate, while using our free resources, the better for our planet. Then we can retire, helping the planet. Don’t you want to help our Spaceship Earth and retire too? Why not?

    My ebook also shows how to distill fresh water at room temperature. You can you know! Then arrange with a nearby bottler to bottle and sell your fresh distilled water. You can you know!

    This website, contains many money-making ideas. Before my stroke, I was a commercial inventor. That’s what I did. So now, I help the planet and you too. Why not? I’m retired already. You can retire too!

    Ask yourself: “Why am I still working?"

    Thanks for your interest.

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