Wind Generator 7
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A combination of physical processes are used to Self-Generate a High Voltage with a Funnel’s gathering area, a, and wind driven vacuum system, c.

A pair of High Efficiency, High Voltage Generators supply the charging voltage to each other. 1 & 4 are Corona Needles, 2 & 5 are pipe electrodes, and 3 & 6 are output collecting pipes. 6 is connected as an output wire and 3 supplies Corona Needle d with the return path through the atmosphere, to the Earth.

3 & 6 are bent for two reasons, one, to make them more efficient collectors—and two, to allow vacuum assist from the wind crossing the opening at c.

Item e is a spark gap visible below to indicate when the system is overloaded.

This generator is designed to be light enough that it can be held on a balloon, and inexpensive enough to be built by ordinary folks, while providing a high energy output.

It can be connected to an oscillating circuit to supply AC to a transformer.

Be careful, it may attract lightning.

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