Why build a Green Island of NFRC?


  60 plus, good reasons.

  1. Why Not?

  2. They are far less expensive than most land, and you can own it.

  3. They are the fruits of your own labor you can be proud of.

  4. They can be self-sufficient and better for the Earth.

  5. Can help clean up the plastic garbage in the sea, make it into practical items, and help save the fish too.

  6. You can build it your way.

  7. They can be ďoff the grid.Ē

  8. They can provide a good income from Earth-compatible Alternative Energy.

  9. Itís a good place to retire. It beats many ďOld Folks Homes,Ē and suburbia.

  10. Itís not only cheap living, but can provide your living too.

  11. Working outdoors can be good for your health, reducing Federal and State healthcare costs.

  12. Grow your own food and wine-making material.

  13. They can be educational to folks world-wide.

  14. A good research project.

  15. Good reason to form a tax-free nonprofit research and/or educational corporation to reduce your expenditures.

  16. Avoid oppressive Government regulations.

  17. The Government may pay you to build it.

  18. Show the versatility of Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete. (NFRC)

  19. Build a new and unusual skill in you.

  20. Can grow from a small island into a very big one.

  21. Can grow from a small money producer to a large money producer, from your own ďsweat equity.Ē

  22. Requires a very small monetary investment.

  23. Show how easy, and practical Sea-born Alternative Energy can be, as an example to the world. Beats drilling holes in the sea floor to suck out the oil to make greenhouse gas of it.

  24. Can show the oil industry how to earn a good living making islands instead of greenhouse gas.

  25. Show the advantages of NFRC shell structures.

  26. Strong and long-lasting.

  27. Automatically compensates for the rising sea level.

  28. Can help the poor folks in places like Bangladesh.

  29. Can produce its own fresh water from the sea, and even sell it.

  30. Wave, Wind, Solar Power.

  31. Safer than a boat.

  32. A floating farm.

  33. Good for people, animals and fish.

  34. Grow grain for food and ethanol fuel production.

  35. Can soak up solar energy, too reduce the strength of Hurricanes and Typhoons.

  36. Can show how to protect property from flooding, even along rivers. Think how much good it would have done for the poor folks along the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers.

  37. Are an excellent place to supervise aquaculture, even far from land.

  38. A good place for ďHot Dog GolfĒ

  39. Build your own community.

  40. Provide you with a job.

  41. Provide productive jobs for others.

  42. Movable, and placed where you want it, even on fresh water lakes in places like Arizona, Minnesota or the tropics.

  43. Start from a small beach and move out to sea.

  44. Can be built for cold climates as well as warm.

  45. Could start a boom for Hawaii, Saipan, California, Massachusetts, the Gulf Coast, even Michigan and other places too. (They need all the help they can get.)

  46. Can use recycled automobile parts.

  47. A good subject for an article in the Mother Earth News and magazines like it.

  48. Exportable knowledge.

  49. Can be in harmony with the Earth with a zero carbon footprint.

  50. Can earn money to support another charitable organization.

  51. Give you something worthwhile to do helping the planet from Global Warming, while taking advantage of it too.

  52. Start a movement helping the Earth.

  53. Free how-to information.

  54. Work in harmony with the Presidentís new Alternative Energy plan.

  55. Good Physical Therapy for the handicapped. It beats a bicycle that doesnít go anywhere.

  56. Can help Greenpeace, and make Al Gore happier!

  57. Anybody can do it!

  58. Can help you lose weight.

  59. Make your mate happier.

  60. Make your love life better, and you happier too.

  61. Why Not start right now? You can do it! Itís worth the effort.

Read all Iíve written free for you, and think of more motivating reasons for building your own island.

What else could you do that is worthwhile. Then why arenít you doing it now?

Why havenít I done it? Iím working on it. Iím old and handicapped, so it takes some extra time and effort. But Iím an experienced contractor and scientist, with a record of success. I start with this organization, which is good for you too.



  1. My Dream

  2. Owned by the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Research Center.

  3. Can host students from around the world.

  4. All of the above, and I can teach you how. Read all Iíve written for you.

Update: 2-24-12