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     How do you organize a website to cover a lifetime of unusual work? There are many ways. What I've tried to do here is just list some of the biggest inventions, explained in simple language. I'm not bragging, it's a simple fact.

     Perouse through the list, and enjoy what you like. If you're a patent attorney, it should greatly affect your work. That doesn't mean you can't improve on my work, it just gives you some background. None of these item are patented by me. So you are free to use them.

     Many big companies publish their work, similar to this. They do so, because it's far less expensive than patenting, because in most countries, if you've published your work, no one else can patent it. They have to start where you left off.

     I understand this because of 30 years of writing patents, with a budget just for maintenance fees of over $1.2 million per year. When the money stops, all of my inventions go into the public domain, anyway. Since I've been consistently over 25 years ahead of the pack, all that money has just been wasted.

     Now I'm old, and living in an Old Folk's Home. My physical needs are well taken care of. But they take most of my retirement money, however, the food is good.

     Part of the deal to be a nonprofit corporation, (I've worked with the Rocky Mountain Research Center since 1981,) is that they must publish the results of my research. That I have consistently done. And this website is part of that effort. However, I still have to pay for what research I can do, and this website. So, not everything here can be free. But I do the best I can.

     So here goes:

    Thanks for your interest.

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