Moderate Waves
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  What if you have a nice beach, with waves, but not big ones?

    1. The wave design shown has been tested, but you do need to determine the dimensions that fit your property. So build a few

    2. But you donít want to spoil the view. So pile big rocks around your culvert so it looks like a big natural pile of rocks. Only the underwater entrance must be clear to the waves to fill your vertical culvert.

    3. If your waves and tide add up to only a couple feet, this pile of rocks will only have to be about 4 feet above the water. Still nice looking. You can increase the internal volume if you need more energy.

    4. The pressurized air output can be buried just beneath the sand, as it does not have to be large, and go up the hill behind the beach. This line is not pure air, itís a bubble pump that transports water to a small reservoir up in the trees, that feeds into a jet turbine as shown, to produce the electrical energy you desire.

    5. This facility can easily be hidden from view without interfering with its operation.

    6. The Bubble Pump works because the vertical tubes are small, like straws. Notice that the air bubbles are oval shape, held in place by the walls of the tubes.

    If the tubes are bigger, the water just flows by the bubble and so it doesnít pump. But if the tubes are small, the rising bubble will push the water ahead of it.

Working with Alternative Energy is so easy if you just think about it, fun and profitable too.

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