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  Las Vegas has to be the most energy hungry place in the whole world. Look at it at night, all lit up. Their power bills must be hellatious. What if that money could be yours? There exists an easy way. Let me explain.

 Find a small place on the edge of town that needs to save money. Letís say a cafť. How much money would they save each month if their electricity were free?

 Could they lower the price of breakfast?

 Would that draw in more customers?

 How much more money would they make, if the place was packed?

 How much would it be worth to them just for the free electricity each month?

 There exists a way. 40 feet above every place, the wind blows. What if you made for them an easy way to tap into that energy, and get paid what they now pay the Power Company?

 The FloppyMill. See Automatically generates synchronized electricity from the wind. Just plug it into the wall, and it runs the Power Companyís Kilowatt-hour meter backwards. Itís like getting paid retail for what the wind provides for free.

 If at each installation you included a computer display, and a video of how it works. How many more FloppyMills could you sell?

 Rent some search lights to attract attention like they do for new movies. How much money could you make? Then expand to another city.

How does it work?

 Do you have a power saw in your garage? When it first starts up, what happens to the lights? They dim until the saw gets up to speed. Why?

 Itís called ďBack EMF.Ē What would happen if instead of using energy to keep the saw moving, you added energy in the same direction from the wind? Would the Back EMF become larger than the Forward EMF?

 You pay the Power Company for Forward EMF, not Back EMF. So your Power meter runs backwards. That subtracts from you bill. If you cut a deal with the Power Company, called ďnet metering,Ē they will send you a check for the Back EMF. (By law.) If your system is big enough, you can retire. If not, sell more FloppyMills until you can.

 Why donít I do that? Iím already retired and living good. I donít need the work, you do. And if youíre appreciative, youíll reward me.

 Why isnít this being done? The Power Companies donít want the competition. The Federal government owns, and profits from Hoover Dam, and set it all up back it the 30s. They even told us in electronics school that you couldnít generate power from an AC motor. (By itself.) But what they didnít tell you is that it works like I explained above.

 Others charge $1.3 million for those big windmills you see. Do you think they are going to tell you how to do it cheaply in your own garage?

 It only takes a couple of weekends, and less than $1000. Try it yourself, watch what happens to your own power bill. Check it out, without paying me a dime!

    Thanks for your interest.

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