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I recently found a link to buy your own private island, with a home (Im sure was expensive,) pool and all those things. It was beautiful.

But I have one better. Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. More than that, its in the pride that comes from construction. Imagine, if you will, your own beautiful private island, one YOU built yourself, inexpensively. As I looked at their pictures, I realized that most of everything I saw could be built by yourself with Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete, except a few small things that can be purchased for very little.

A floating island, is similar to a houseboat. Houseboats generally dont go anywhere after theyre moored. You can do that too. If you produce your own electricity as Ive shown, and grow your own food, distill your own water, use a homemade composting toilet, and build a launch for transportation, you can moor it almost anywhere. Oh how I wish I were young again. Why didnt I figure this all out years ago?

The idea of building it inexpensively is neat too. It not only makes it possible, but practical. And think of the skill youd acquire in the process. Itll build your mussels too. Boy, Im ready to go! Well, mentally anyway.

I was almost there. I built a complete home for a friend. My brother and I built a complete home to sell and several others. In Montana, I built the worlds first underground geodesic dome of steel fiber reinforced concrete. Its only 4-inches thick, and has a million and a half pounds of earth on it. It keeps itself cool all summer, saves the heat, and keeps itself warm all winter. But I didnt get to live in it.

On Yap I built a 40-foot geodesic dome of bamboo. I loved it, but I had to move because I couldnt learn the language.

On Saipan, I started to build my own island, but a stroke hit me, and it all came to a halt. So what I have left is memories, knowledge, and skill, even if my legs dont work so well. I can still dream, and even have a lite beer sometimes. I have a friend in Germany, she says Thats not Beer! Oh well.

Micronesia has the advantage that its always warm. I never had to shovel an ounce of snow. When I left Montana, it was so cold, I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets! Not-to-mention, theres a story about the Ambassador from Holland. He was visiting the King of Siam. (Now called Thailand.) He told him that in his country an elephant could walk on water. The King had never experienced winter, so he was naturally skeptical.

Ive walked on water (ice) too. In Montana we used to go hunting on the islands in the Clark Fork River, at 20 below. The river was frozen over, so we just walked to the islands.

There are some dangers nowadays, you may have to avoid. But, most places are peaceful, have all of the things folks really need, and many are beautiful. Even on lakes and rivers within big continents.

You can do it!

    Thanks for your interest.

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