Tsunami Protection

    How could you possibly protect yourself from a destructive tsunami? There exists a very logical way. Tsunamis are big ocean waves. At sea they are smaller, maybe only a meter deep (a yard,) but when they reach the shallow water they become giant, and destructive. The key is to live at sea on a floating island. Logical? Ill tell you how to do that, and save, or even make money in the process.

  So have at it. Ill try to furnish all the information I can for you.

I might be handicapped, but Im still enthusiastic!

Please read all that I've written for you, even the poetry, and write and tell us how it worked.

Dr. Hait

  • These projects have not been engineered, there are too many differences with your specific needs. You are responsible for what you build, and to test pieces for integretary, nither Dr. Hait nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center bear any responsibility.

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