Time Travel
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   We are moving through time, continually. However, we may move at different paces. Einstein said, and NASA proved, that if we move at very high speed, our movement through time goes slower. In theory if we were to go past the speed of light we could go backwards through time. But that is only a mathematical anomaly. Why?

   In order to go faster than light, our reference frame must become disconnected from the Earth. In space thats possible. However, that does not enable backwards time travel. Why not?

   The view in the movies is incorrect. It would be as if all time frames existed simultaneously, and all you had to do is travel to that location and youd be in a different time.

   Sorry, it doesnt work that way. We may become disconnected from the Earth as a reference frame, but when we do so, we also become disconnected from its dimension of time. We may speed up, or slow down how we move through time, effectively moving ahead in time by Earth standards, but we cannot move in reverse, because we cannot exceed the speed of light and remain connected to the Earth as a Reference Frame. Not that we wouldnt like to, but thats the way the Universe is constructed. The nature of time is not like in the movies.

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