Tidal Power
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Working with Alternative Energy is easy once you get the hang of it. Let’s consider Tidal Power. How does it work, what attributes does it have, and not have.

1. It’s slow, to us anyway. You get a peak only twice a day, and a valley in between.
2. However, these bi-daily waves are large, and cover a wide area, half the Earth at a time.
3. Water is heavy, 63 lbs. per ft3. How can we use that?
4. What if you built a big “woopie-cushion,” or bellows?
5. Make sure you take care of the little plants and animals that live in the area you expect to use. Then lay your big cushion, anchored to the bottom.
6. Fix it so that it sucks in seawater when the ocean level is low, and blows it out when the weight of all that water compresses it.
7. Have it output into a pipe, that transports its water to a small reservoir, 50 or 100 feet high.
8. Use one of the jet turbines I describe to use that water to generate electricity.
9. Remember that seawater is conductive, as you don’t want to get fried.
10. If you see the need, run a small flume to the dry shore to bring the seawater to your generator.
11. “Until the Moon is no more.” The tides will always be there, and so will your electricity.
Easy huh!

12. Here’s a challenge for you. The Moon exerts its force in Arizona too. How can we capture and use that Alternative Energy?

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