Day/Night Temperature Electric Generation System
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Day/Night Temperature differences can be a real asset. Especially in the Deserts. Because itís really a solar powered system, It can work in many places where there is sunshine. Even in many cloudy locations, the average daytime temperature may be sufficient to power the system even without direct sunlight. But itíll work better with it.

Priming valves may have to be added, but not always. Because there will be some evaporation, a periodic refilling system may be needed.

Itís operation is simple:

    1. After itís running, at night it cools down and the Black tanks suck in water. These tanks should not change volume much, usually they are of steel.

    2. During the day, Solar heat evaporates some water, and pressurizes the Black Tanks, and they discharge water into the Holding Tanks.

    3. The one-way Check Valves control the direction of water flow.

    4. The system must be large enough to supply a continuous full head of water to the Jet Turbines. There exist electronic circuits that will conserve water at night by shutting off flow when it's not needed.

    5. Tandem pumps in series are required in order to get a good Head Pressure for the Jet Turbine. In fact, depending on your altitude, the Day/Night Pumps will vary as to how high they will pump. In some locations the rise will be small, and many pumps will have to be added. However, in other locations the Sunshine is strong enough, that the Holding Tanks can actually be located above the Black Sealed Tanks.

    6. In cold locations the system may have to have antifreeze added, and maybe Fresnel Lenses to gain appropriate energy. Regular antifreeze is poisonous. But you can add some ethanol. Since it all circulates, little will be lost. But you will have to refil it now and then.

    7. The height of the Black Solar Pressure Tank depends on your altitude above sea level. Whereas, the further height it can push the water depends on how hot the sun gets. You can at first connect a garden hose to it to find out how high you can push it. Remember that not all days have hot sunlight, and this will affect your project.

    8. Suports are not shown. Remember that water is heavy, so build them stout.

    9. In some locations, a well will be needed, or a column still can be added to prepare the water for additional uses.

    10. The Check Valves can be homemade Duck Bill Valves as I show elsewhere on this website

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