Making your NFRC deck piece stiff.

  When you step on the finished deck piece made of NFRC it will bend. The top portion, under your foot, will go into compression, the bottom portion, where the fiber is, will go into tension. These portions should be about 2 inches apart, to let the NFRC do its thing.

The 2 portions have to be connected together as in a beam, perpendicular to the deck. This can be accomplished by building "walls," when the upside-down deck piece is wet, and being constructed. Make little walls about 2 inches long, and 2 inches high in triangles over the surface of the deck. That way the deck must only span about 2 inches between walls.

When hard, your deck piece should hold your weight without bending significantly. Try your design out, to make sure you did it right.

Remember, that new concrete will not stick to old concrete without special chemicals. So the NFRC "walls" must be built when the NRFC of the deck piece is still wet, within about 3 hours.

The actual design is your own, and you are responsible for it. Neither Prof. Hait, nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center bear any responsibility. In most places there are no building codes to make sure things are built right. So you are responsible to do it right.

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