How to Start YOUR own Green Monkey Network Easy and for FREE
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Simple process:
    1. Sign up—free.
    2. Advertise—free.
    3. Build Money-Making Rest Areas inexpensively.
    4. Retire off the continuous income and help the planet too.   It’s just my explanation that looks complicated.
How to:
  1. Read everything I’ve written for you about Green Monkey Networks, on this website, and any other network you decide to build.
    (Install Google's Chrome web browser, free, from http://support.google.com/chrome/ it automatically translates into 57 languages.)

  2. Where to start your start— FREE.

  3. Sign up to notify me of your intentions, It’s free. I will assign you an ID number to tell folks about in your advertising. I will list you FREE on my website. Then you will be entitled to receive ROYALTIES from folks who learn of us through your advertising.

  4. After you sign up, and I put you on my list, you will be entitled to the 10% or more discount off the list prices of those on my list of suppliers who have signed up, free, to help build your network.

  5. The first activity can be your advertising. Not paid advertising, but for example: The Internet has plenty of FREE opportunities to show off your new endeavor. Tell your friends. Then as your work grows, there are signs and balloons as I explain below.

  6. Since you’ve signed up with me, I’ve given you an ID number, and placed you on the list on my website—FREE. (So folks know you’re real.) In YOUR advertising, put YOUR ID number. Then when folks read of your efforts, they’ll report to me, YOUR number.

  7. Then when their Green Monkey networks make money, they’ll be paying royalties to YOU. See how it works? Just like you don’t pay anything to me, or the one whose advertising you reported to me, until you make money. Then I, or they, get only a small limited 6% bite. (see “Royalties Paid to You.”) Obviously, the more you advertise, the bigger your network will grow, and there's no limit to how big it may grow worldwide.

  8. You can direct them to my website, that’s ok, as long as YOUR ads, have YOUR number.

  9. Your second activity can be the Planning of your first Rest Area, and as you grow, it becomes an important part of your advertising, even with pictures, to show folks how it can grow, even worldwide.

  10. You do have to follow the laws of any country you are in, or move into. Since you’ll be self-employed, that’s part of your responsibility. But the opportunity for growth is there.

  11. For example: If you advertise in Mexico, especially in Española, and folks build EV Rest Areas there, you and they must follow Mexican law, but you’re not in the U.S. so you have no responsibility here. And we put no limit as to race, nationality, or any of those physical things that limit so many folks nowadays. Work with the folks that are there, be friendly, and don't fight them. Take care of all the usual legalities. You may wish to buy or sell a site in the future.

  12. What if you live in a cold climate? On this website, under "islands" there are cute and inexpensive ways to bring your Rest Area indoors.

  13. What if your sites have more of one Alternative Energy than another? This website shows you how to use what's available. Even if you build an igloo, it shows you how to solar heat it. What if you want a solar-heated hot tub? It shows you that too. What if you want to have "into the wind" races? I show you how.

  14. Make Alternative Energy fun!

  15. If you're honest, your customers will get to know it, and you and others up the line will make more money. That's the way it works.

  16. If you're greedy, you will suffer the natural consequences. And if you're stupid enough to be really bad, I can remove you from my list at any time.

  17. Note, at least in the U.S. there’s Freedom of the Press, so it doesn’t matter where you advertise. It’s where folks make the money that’s important.

  18. Now if you know another language, you can advertise in that language, as long as you include that first number I assigned to you, so folks will know where to send the money when the time comes.

  19. You see, that’s a talent I don’t have, I don’t know another language, so you’ll have that territory all to yourself, and those that grow off your work. Maybe in Eastern Europe, France, Russia, China, or India. All over.

  20. You can even translate a small portion of my website, such as the Green Monkey part, into your language, and build a website of your own, if you know how to do that. Tell me what you’re doing, and I can include one of those little flags on my website that will direct folks to your website in that language.

  21. Notice that you’re not creating competition through advertising, even if you’re just in planning the main part now. Why? Because this is a big world, just don’t plan the Rest Areas right next to each other, spread them out then their work helps promote the use of EVs, and helps your network, and theirs too, to grow.

  22. If you’re already an EV manufacturer, through your Green Monkey Network, you can sell more of the EVs you already make. In the Auto World, don’t we see Mercedes sold as well as Fords? So if you have the money (and it doesn’t take much,) you can build lots of Rest Areas all over the world. After all you get 94% of net from them.

  23. If there are EVs made locally, you can sell them instead of, or along with, the ones I suggest, that’s up to you. We just get that little bite as I’ve said. We just give free recharge to Green Monkey cars, and ones we’ve sold at our personal Rest Areas as we wish.

  24. Wherever the wind blows or the Sun shines! Are you stuck with a pile of scrap metal? Maybe you want a site by the beach? What if you're short of fresh water? What if the Sun only shines in the summer? Or even has nucular waste? If it's there, I show you how to use it. But let's stick with Free Alternative Energy as I explain.

  25. Look for a piece of land, maybe 40 x 40 feet (10 x 10 meters,) at least, plus 3 parking spaces for recharging, with access to the nearest highway and properly zoned for this type of business.

  26. Negotiate with the owner, not for rent or purchase, they are all tied to the calendar. Rather for 1% of the net profits you develop there.

  27. Start small, at least 1 picnic table, and a Green Monkey balloon tethered by wire at 190 feet (in the U.S). It's part of your wind eleectric generation system. And that constitutes “advertising,” too, so listen when folks ask, your network may already be growing. Don’t forget to give them YOUR ID number, which gives them a discount on things they buy for their Rest Areas.

  28. In fact, you can put up a sign announcing your Rest Area under construction, with YOUR ID number on the sign. Tell them how they can have a money-making network of their own, and give them this website address.

  29. As you are able, improve your Rest Area, with at least all the required items for a fully functional site for all 12 income streams.

  30. Watch your expenses, and income. You don't have to pay us anything to start up, we'll wait for the Royalties.

  31. When you're ready, build another Rest Area, from which you get to keep 94% of the net. See how your network can grow? See how those that operate the vending machines grow? If you have folks clean for you, see how it creates jobs for them? With lots of networks growing, see how it can help our planet?

  32. Just keep yours clean and relaxing.

Why build Rest Areas along a highway, in the middle of a Desert?
    1. Land is cheap.
    2. You can make it a self-sustained oasis, so more folks will come.
    3. The Sun shines, the wind blows and I show you how to use them to make money, supply yourself with food, water, and power, with some aluminum foil, a bag of cement, a balloon on a wire, and a picnic table to start.
    4. It becomes an excellent place to retire, and build self-esteem!

    5. You don’t get shot at the border.
    6. Worldwide it can make more money, easier, and safer than drugs. The world is more hungry for clean energy, than anything else.
    7. Take pictures for your advertising.

Please consider your business advantages:
    1. The startup investment is reasonably small, and it all goes for your first “sales office” oasis. (You don’t pay me anything.)
    2. If you negotiate as I suggest, even the land is free at this time.
    3. Except for your lunch, you have no monthly payments.
    4. It takes only a few customers, even just one, to pay for your lunch.
    5. Only a small percentage of your NET income goes to others.
    6. If your tax accountant is slick, there may be no tax, especially in the early days until your customer base grows.
    7. As people come to see the advantages of working with you, your network of oasises can grow worldwide.
    8. It’s like early retirement in an oasis you make beautiful.
    9. It sure beats picking vegetables in the hot sun.
    10. Your Alternative Energy, not only helps the planet, but it's free, and can even earn your lunch! Wow!
How to Sign Up in English please.

    Thanks for your interest.

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