Spectacular Wave Power


       Have you ever seen a blow hole? I have, on a beach on Guam, and Tinian Islands in the Pacific. There are others too. Its a natural phenomenon where the shape of the beach causes the waves coming in to splash through a hole in the coral reef, and shoot spectacularly up into the air. Its really neat to see.

       How can you make one of your own? And then, how can you make a homemade jet turbine, and other ways, to put it to work earning you a living? Ill show you how. Click Here to learn about jet turbines.

       First you need a beach. Those are usually expensive, unless you build your own lily pad, floating island, and park it out to sea where the waves are never-endingenergy just waiting for you to tap into. I'll show you how, Click Here to learn about island making.

       The second thing you need is a concrete funnel to catch each wave, and redirect it up into the air. Its spectacular! You can charge admission.

       Ordinary concrete is too big, heavy, and expensive to do the job. But, Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete is just the ticket. Its much less expensive, especially if you grow your own fiber. You can also do that on your own lily pad, floating out where the waves are. First of all, go to http://advanced-how-to.info on the Internet and learn how to build, and work with NFRC, Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

       Waves are powerful, and will require very strong NFRC. So you will have to make it thicker, maybe a 1.5 cm (half inch) and lots of fiber. Thats a guess, you will have to test it out under the conditions you have chosen, but it shouldnt be too expensive.

       Make your funnel as wide as you can, with floats on the opening to catch the waves, and direct the waves into a narrowing opening, redirected upward, until they reach about 10 cm (4 inches) diameter pipe pointing up in the air.

       When each wave hits, it splashes almost straight up in the air, where you catch it, to produce continuous hydro power. Its like having your own stream to run your homemade turbine. Ill tell you how to do that too.

       Get the water to splash as high as you can, it would be real nice if you could get it to go 15 m (50 feet) in the air. Its doable, but you'll have to experiment with your local conditions. (Send me the pictures.)

       There is an excellent way to generate electricity from the hydro power youve created, with a jet turbine.


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