Communications Faster than the Speed of Light
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  Think about this:

Einstein said that nothing goes faster than the speed of light. He also said there is no master reference frame. What does that open for us? Does anything we know of go faster than light?

If there is no master reference frame, what was Einsteins reference frame? The Earth. What if you had a different reference frame? What if that reference frame was already moving at the speed of light in comparison to the Earth? Would anything moving forward on that moving reference frame not be moving faster than the speed of light with reference to the Earth?

Do you know what a Soliton is? Its a self-focusing light pulse, having a pulse, plus upper and lower sidebands at special wavelengths. The longer ones lag behind the main pulse. And of interest to us, the shorter ones move to the front of the main pulse.

Thus, these shorter ones must be moving a little faster than the main light pulse, or they couldnt move forward, and arrive at their destination prior to the main pulse, which they do. What if you modulated those short wavelengths? Blink them off and on in a binary code. Would that information not arrive ahead of the main pulse? What if the pulse were infinitely long, or at least on all the time? Would that light beam not be a reference frame unto itself?

What if you had light as the reference frame? Certainly you would have to use light to detect this information, but wouldnt it move through space more rapidly?

But with Photonic Transistors, might it be possible to detect this information? It might become very important in the future of space travel. Communications faster than the speed of light.

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