Saving Island Solar Power


Meet the Scientist
Meet the Scientist

    Solar power on a homemade floating island is not easy, unless you have the money for photovoltaic panels. But theyre only about 15% efficient. The rest of the Suns energy either bounces back into outer space, or heats the shingles. However if you needs are small, there are plenty of articles on the web about them. I have no need to repeat that here.

    On a floating island, energy storage is not as easy. The best way is to store it as water in a water tower. But how do you get the water up there? One way is with evaporation and condensation. Thats the process by which rain is made.

  1. Use mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a copper tube full of water. That boils the water, and saves solar energy.
  2. Have the copper tubes large enough to let the vapor bubbles rise to the top of the water, three-quarters of an inch or bigger.
  3. Pipe that vapor (insulated pipe,) to a water tower to condense.
  4. Save energy in that raised water.
  5. When needed use a hydro generator, even a high efficiency one, to make electric power when needed.

    A wind-powered water pump can be easily added to the system to cover times when there is wind, but no sun.

    If your boiler and water tower is tight, to prevent air from getting in, water can be made to boil at room temperature, making you system that much more efficient.

    If your feed water system inputs seawater, the condensed water is fresh, ready to drink, see my article on distillation at room temperature

    Naturally, such a system is your experiment, and neither the author nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center provide any guarantees.

    Thanks for your interest.

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