Inexpensive Dome Skylights
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    The logical place for a skylight in a geodesic dome is at the vertices. One way of making them has been done using a short piece of pipe and the struts strapped to it because of the funny angles. The dome itself can be made, inexpensively, of Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete, such as Papercrete, laid over the top of the struts shown. They can be built on the flat ground, and then hoisted into place, or the dome can be covered with chicken wire, and the Portland Cement wet fiber laid on it. Like a parade float. (Shown from the inside with NFRC in place.)

    For the lower triangles, that are more vertical, it may be easiest to make them on the flat, and when cured, put them in place. Whereas the upper ones may be easier constructed on the dome frame.

     That leaves the holes where the struts come together. This configuration seems to work ok. You could just cement a piece of plastic over the hole. The problem is, you dont get much light. However, if you plan ahead so that a recycled soda bottle will fit easily through the hole, such a bottle filled with water will collect sunlight over a much larger upper area. Thus, you get more light. The pipe section is thicker, so there, wrap your bottle with aluminum foil. So your light isnt just soaked up by the pipe. Leave the lower portion of the bottle sticking down into the dome where it can disperse its light for you.

    On the outside of the aluminum foil stuff grout (mortar, stucco, Portland Cement and sand) to hold it all tightly in place.It shouldnt leak in a rainstorm. But if it does, hang a plants pot where it drips.

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