How to Simplify Your Life
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Please Consider These Neat Points, Illustrated Introduction (Update 3-20-12)

       When I was on Saipan Island in the Pacific, I loved it! It was 84 F. all year around. I was retired, and didnt have to shovel an ounce of snow all year. I was surrounded by good friends and wonderful people.

       I had all sorts of free fiber building material growing all around me, and didn't realize it until it was almost too late.

       I had a stroke, and wound up in the hospital. Because the islands didnt have a place for stroke victims to live and be cared for, I was forced to move to the mainland. If it didnt fit in my suit cases, I was forced to sell it in a rummage sale to pay for the air trip.

       My whole lifes worth of collections went away. You might say, I was forced to simplify my life. Even Bud, my big favorite stuffed Panda Bear was forced to go! I wonder where Bud is today?

       How can I simplify my life? How can you simplify your life? Well how much do you now pay for rent and food. What if there was a way to cover those expenses?

       If you owe payments on it, why not sell it? Would that simplify your life? What if you could get paid to retire? Could you do something more worthwhile if you sold all your stuff you havent time for anyway?

       I have a lifetime of experience. Why not put it to work for you?

       It may sound crazy, but there is a logic behind my method. Check it out.

    Thanks for your interest.

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