Valuable Electricity On Land or Sea
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By John N. Hait



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Please Consider These Neat Points, Illustrated Introduction (Update 3-20-12)

       Nearly everywhere, unless you live in a skyscraper, 40-feet above you, the wind is blowing. That energy could be earning money for you! My articles, on this website, on the various Networks, show you how, easily and inexpensively. (Read everything I've written for you.)

       Maybe you live on land, or maybe you’re building a geodesic dome, or pink froggy on a floating lily pad. That energy is still there free for the taking.

       If your local power company pays you all the better. (Talk to them!) If they time the payments for peak demand hours, you can capture and store that energy in a water tower, and get paid even more. If your city has a water tower, put a short one on top of it, and split the revenue.

       40 feet was chosen for logical reasons:

           One, the pipe sections used for the rotating axis usually come in 10-foot sections, and the coupling between them will hold up your upper bearing, so it doesn’t slip down too far. But don’t make the guy wires too tight pulling the upper bearing against the coupling too much. Also, you may have to oil this bearing now and then.

           Two, it’s still light enough for you to handle and pull up with your car.

           Three, if you also include a room-temperature still for making fresh water from the sea, the water will only go up about 30 feet at sea level. That leaves 10 feet for your jet pump and to keep the saltwater from contaminating the distillate.

           Four, on land you may go into business making them. In an electric place like Los Vegas, they should be popular. Put a florescent light sign that says “FREE” as good advertising.

       Whether you live on land or sea, energy from the wind will usually be there for you. Make a little model, and put it where your big one would be, and see how it works. Why are you working, when you could be doing something else with your valuable time.

       Pay your health insurance, neither Dr. Hait, nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center are liable for your project. This paper is strictly educational.

    Thanks for your interest.

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