Saipan 2 Money Maker
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  An Example of what could be done.

  1. Use local Resources Wisely. Saipan has a number of unused plastic floats that were made for a dock system. Shown here. Right now they arent earning the owner a dime.
  2. With his permission, rope them together to form a floating island about 50 feet in diameter, in the lagoon, out in front of a coastal restaurant, like the Oleai on Saipan.
  3. Put a thin layer of NFRC made from Portland Cement and Coconut leaf strips. With strong plastic string ties as shown, in a circle of about 40 feet to tie down a Geodesic Dome frame. However, if the floats fit tight enough together, this layer may not be needed. Just tie down the dome frame.
  4. There are a number of houses, on Saipan, covered with vines. Collect the seeds, or cuttings, from these vines, and plant them in flower planters just on the outside of the dome. As they grow up, wind them around each other and the dome frame. Eventually, they will form a complete living structure.
  5. Make a floating dock, a short distance from your island to the restaurant. Then build picnic tables as best you can, so people can come there and eat, food from the Oleai Restaurant.
  6. Take a cut from sales, even if you have to raise prices a little, of about 5% and 2% for the owner of the floats.
  7. Sit back and enjoy your income.
  8. Customers will love it, and enjoy eating there. They might even have you build them one. See how it could earn you a very good living? It sure beats climbing trees.
  9. If the Oleai is not cooperative, go to the next caf on the beach, until you find one that is.
  10. If the government wants a boat fee, give them a small one, or you can move it more off shore until its legal, and they can do without the money. Theres always a way.
  11. If the float owner isnt cooperative, build your island with Hefty Garbage Sacks as Ive shown. Theres always a way. Find it.
  12. If you buy supplies right, it should only cost about $100 or $200. And, a couple of weeks work for a retirement income. Get some of your brothers to help.

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