Pneumatic Robotics
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Years ago, my oldest son, John, won first place at the science fair with Pneumatic Robotics.

Do you work for Hollywood? When they filmed King Kong, he was bleeding hydraulic fluid all over the set. Imagine the expense that created.

Compressed air is safe, invisible, and easy adjustable. Imagine a big plastic spider run on compressed air. You could even have races with them. Wouldn’t that be fun.

The method is simple. As standard latex tubing is blown with compressed air, it expands. When wrapped with plastic fishing line, its expansion can be controlled. In the illustration, expansion is controlled where you do not want it, and allowed where you do.

Here a finger is made that can operate as nimbly, if not more so, than Kong’s hand. It can be coated with a layer of silicone for skin, and impregnated with hair as needed.

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