The Poor Manís Energy
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  Nowadays many items donít require as much energy as before. You can go to an Automobile Junk yard and get LED lights, a swell sounding FM stereo and many items for your projects. You didnít used to be able to do that.

When I was 5, back in 1951, my father made for me a crystal set radio, from a round box of Quaker Oats, some natural Galina, and a diaper pin. I not only got to listen to ďFiber Magee and MollyĒ and ďThe Great Gildersleve,Ē but I learned a lot about electronics too.

You donít even need the Internet, except to read this. When I was only 10 I became a ďHam, Armature Radio Operator.Ē I built my own transmitter and talked to a fellow in Australia from Montana. You can too.

By the time I was 19, in 1965, I was a licensed commercial radio engineer, and eventually in charge of 3 radio stations and 2 television stations. So I know what Iím talking about.

They are always trying to sell you something, because they really want your money. But building things is not only a lot more fun, itís educational too.

I even write my own website in HTML, but Iíll leave that to others to teach.

I also learned that you donít have to be rolling in dough to enjoy yourself, there are plenty of things you can do, not only to make a living, but for entertainment too. On this website Iíve described how you can make a comfortable living from free Alternative Energy. You donít have to get shot at trying to cross some line on a map just to pick somebodyís vegetables in the hot sun all day. You can relax and have a beer while the rest labor.

Iím not qualified to tell you how to make your own beer. But there are many other things Iíve ďdiscoveredĒ that can help you.

Hereís a list of some of the things I describe for you to build:


    Things that run on little energy that cost little or nothing to enjoy.
    Radio Music and News
    Free Energy Right Out of the Air
    Noise Power
    Lemon Juice Power
    Water Drops
    Lightning Vibrations
    Barometric Pressure Changes
(Iíll add more as I think of them.)
    Thanks for your interest.
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