Photonic Computer Design
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This Photonic Computer can be organized to switch in 1 femtosecond by using 300 nm ultraviolet light. The Photonic Transistors switch in one cycle of the light used.

However, one must use Pipelining because of the delay between components. And worse yet, the delay of the electronic computer connected to this CPU, which not only provides input and output from this CPU, but connection to its RAM until a photonic RAM can be built.

The electronics simply feeds RAM data to, and gets it from the photonics. This CPU does the actual computing.

It should be at least a 4-bit arrangement to account for all the operations that a basic computer requires, and are selected from the Instruction Register by the Decoder, which then routs the following nibble as required.

The 2 registers can be directed into the Logic formation that performs Boolean Logic as needed. Its output contains a Delay so it can load its result into the 2nd register.

One of the Registers is used for addressing the electronics.

The Laser and the Timer are used as the Master Oscillator that times all the functions.

The Decoder is more like a ROM in electronics as the Timer sequences it for its various functions.

This CPU can be expanded as far as one can afford in connection with the slow electronics. If a smaller one is constructed, the Timer must include a delay to match the electronics. But if the electronic bus is wide enough, a considerable amount of computing can be accomplished while the electronics is grinding away.

Several principles are in use. First of all, the major components use optical interference, which switches in one cycle of the Laser in use.

Second, the Faraday Rotators are not used in the conventional way, but act as doors through which a light pulse either can run through, or is stopped, in order to encode the bits.

Third, timing is critical. This can be accomplished by using optical fiber at first, and later by computer layout of holographic components.

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