Green City, Phase 3
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Attracting attention through the media.

  1. With a big circle drive you could hold “Into The Wind” races, it would be something really unique, and promote your Alternative Energy projects.

  2. Future projects could first include the Green-Monkey EV Recharging networks sites, to get people’s attention.

  3. Those Recharging sites along highways could be used to advertise your projects.

  4. FloppyMill electric alternators could be built along highways, and everywhere, that included an ad for your projects.

  5. Do the same in other cities as described for Las Vegas.

  6. If circumstances permit, build an island as shown. True, it’s not suited to PAHS, but it would be great for advertising, especially the pink froggy. It would be worth the effort, and better, and cheaper than TV, plus it’s so unusual the TV may come for free.

  7. The issues under “Terraforming the Earth” can really enhance your Retirement Community aspect. Living in a PAHS home on an oasis, would be unique, and worth a lot of sales.

  8. Peruse my new website, and see what other items would enhance your projects.

    Global Warming is going to be a big issue, and you can take advantage of it, by promoting your Alternative Energy, even in aspects not actually used at your project sites, but elsewhere.

  9. All he and she have to do is enjoy.

It’s not difficult. It just takes planning.

    Thanks for your interest.

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