Green City, Phase 2
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  1. The layout of the Green City can be a large “S” curve cul-de-sac so there will be access to each home, but very little traffic.

  2. Thus, since all of the earth shelters face south, one side of the street will be patios in front of earth shelters, the other side of the street will be landscaping from the back side of the other homes.

  3. There are 2 circles in the middle of the “S”, one has solar colleting reflective shingles up on trellises, with picnic tables below and an EV recharging facility for visitors.

  4. Well underneath, will be an artificial geothermal-electric generating facility for the homes, as described in Phase 1. But to the visitor it will just be a park, with a pleasant place to picnic.

  5. The 2nd circle of the “S” curve can be a conventional park, with large children’s toys, or maybe a baseball park. And maybe an underground store, so people won’t have to leave the project much.

  6. At the end can be the underground shop for construction of EV autos, and Beautiful Forms. But to the visitor, it’s just some more beautiful scenery.

  7. Because the homes are all the same shape, the outsides can be of different colors, and the landscaping unique. This will give variety to the project, and promote sales.

  8. Much of the work can occur in the shop, working with the Beautiful Forms, much of the electrical, windows, etc. Their work is some-what unique and more suited to a shop

  9. In theory, one well trained crew, can be building domes for 2 days each, then on to another.

  10. While another crew can be finishing the inside.

  11. And yet another crew can be backfilling, placing the Umbrella, and landscaping.

  12. That leaves only the sales crew, and in theory they should be able to sell a home every 2 days.

  13. This is where Hot Dog Golf comes in. the Back side of the homes is landscaping. A golf course with no fairways, but lots of natural obstacles can be incorporated so the project will be a fun place both to live, and retire.

  14. Since the homes will be basically self-sufficient, the only money one would need is for the house payment. All other things are included, even food supply if they wish. Many customers will find it comfortable retiring there, or working shorter hours.

  15. If the solar-geothermal-electric is large enough, extra electricity can be sold to a local utility. Thus home sales don’t have to be the only source of income. In fact, there’s all 12 of the income streams of the Green Monkey recharging facility available.

  16. The other advantages of PAHS earth shelters can be emphasized to enhance sales. For example, they are much safer from Hurricanes and Tornados. They can be landscaped to reduce problems with flooding, even built on hills.

  17. Since there is a lot of landscaping, often less-expensive land can be a good project location.

  18. If the project is to be located where there is high humidity, then natural dehumidification can be added later as the owner wishes.

  19. There are many other Alternative Energy items that can be added, to increase variety of each project. These can even be incorporated, so that the owners can receive a check, or a discount on their house payment, in accordance with revenue received. These can be included on his bill each month, so he really understands, how his new home, also pays him. Boy will he tell his friends, and it will make sales boom.

  20. All he and she have to do is enjoy.

It’s not difficult. It just takes planning.

    Thanks for your interest.

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