Wave Power Made Simple

This poem teaches a simple way to generate electric power from ocean waves.


1 Would you like to get
Free power from the sea?
You can you know, as I will show
Just how, itís nearly free

2 First of all collect the waves
The bigger ones have power
All night and day they work for you
Bringing power by the hour

3 The force a wave can muster
Is full of energy
You only have to capture it
To run your turbine free

4 The best way is to use its force
To raise the water high
So it can make strong pressure
For your turbine to supply

5 The slickest way that looks real neat
Is like a natural blowhole
That shoots it straight up in the air
To collect that waveís your goal

6 The higher the better
Make it 50 feet* or more
Because you need the pressure
At the bottom by the shore

7 A tall and skinny funnel
Shoots it straight up in the air
To your water catch basin
Strategically located there

8 To get more power from the sea
Put several funnels side by side
To catch the waves at angles
And give them a swift ride

9 Then direct that water
Down a long and spinning pipe
To a jet-reaction turbine
That donít leak because itís tight

10 Then Newtonís law will take right hold
As it squirts the water out
The pressure and the nozzle
Accelerate its mass throughout

11 At the bottom of the turbine
A thrust bearing it must be
To hold the pipe and water
Youíve collected from the sea

12 The best place you can get one, is
From a recycled car
The ones that hold the wheels on
Are much better by far

13 Donít forget that top bearing
It holds the thing upright
The same kind from cars' works well
'cause theyíre cheaper and hold tight

14 Notice that a generator
Has no thrust bearings
Thus it must be horizontal
So it will always spin

15 So set it up with V-belts
To turn the angle of
The force within the axel
Build it with good sense and love

16 That makes the whole thing spin around
Itís running night and day
To generate electricity
May even earn some pay

Simple isnít it!

by John N. Hait

* 50 feet = 15.24 meters


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