Warp Speed

This poem explains how practical faster-than-light travel may be obtained.


1 Generally, as we examine it
Light is the fastest thing.
Because the interacting fields
are resonantó they ring.

2 Light, and mass, and gravity
All do interact
Because theyíre made
      of the same stuff
Itís an established fact.

3 Light is bent by gravity,
Especially when itís strong
The result puts light in orbit
So, we can track its path along

4 Since it curves, it takes more time
Than it would in a straight line
So we can beat it in a race
If we can just find that right line

5 A short-cut course will get us there
Before that other light
That flows in its curved orbit
On its long distance flight

6 We must simply map the heavens
To find that good straight line
Then simply navigate our flight
As our map will then define

7 Whatís more, we donít have to
Go as fast as natural light
If the short-cut gets us there
Before the curving flight

8 But it seems so funny
To call it ďwarpĒ speed
Because itís just a short cut
From our map we simply read

9 Itís not our speed that has the warp
Itís the picture from above
Thatís warped by gravity
Itís the short-cut that we love.

And they thought it was all so difficult!

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-26-2010