A working Theory of Everything

Synopsis: This poem explains two of several physical proofs that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle does not match the physical facts of laboratory evidence. And by making the proper corrections we can at last combine Relativity and corrected Quantum Mechanics, based on a pseudorandom cause-and-effect common foundation, to produce a working Theory of Everything.

Unification at last!

And it's easy to understand!

1 Much of the 20th century,
passed by without a whimper,
While physics languished in the mud
Uncertain of its future

2 They tried and tried to reconcile
The two great parts of it
As Einstein’s Relativity
And Quantum Mechanics

3 They wanted them to fit together
Although they tried and tried
Their foundations are so different
They just can’t be unified.

4 But—
If they could only make them one,
Remove their fatal sting.
We would finally have, at last,
A working Theory of Everything

5 Einstein himself worked hard on it
“Unified Field Theory” it was called
But even he was stymied by
Uncertainty installed

6 Then scientists pushed and prodded
Through Einstein’s work to find
Some problem in the way it works, or
Some problem with his mind.

7 But that didn’t happen
That’s not where the problems lie
It’s with their Hero of Uncertainty
Werner Heisenberg, that’s why

8 Max Planck had shown that light is made
Of specific energy amounts
In lumps he called Quanta
Made math in even counts

9 But—
That was too consistent
For their hero to accept
So he dreamed up "Uncertainty"
One night there while he slept

10 Electromagnetic waves said he
Show up as they please
As random-arriving particles
Within their probabilities

11 So must always be haphazard
Called “Uncertainty” by name
Yet, he claimed what happened
Within each cycle was the same.

12 Do you recognize his deception?
Twisting meanings in his game?
On one-hand it was “random
On the other quite the “same”?

13 He claimed that these light particles
At random times showed up
Within each cycle time
But we shouldn’t look close up

14 We just might find that he was blind
Or at least deceptive be
That what was there was Certain
And not Uncertainty.

15 Because he said it’s random
So, all measurements would be
Perpetually indecisive, by
His “Principle of Uncertainty

16 Below this “quantum limit”
Where random was to reign
His theory kept folks well away
He’d won the first round of his game

17 He said it was "impossible" to look
where Uncertainty forbid.
Since they wanted to believe his word
No one ever did.

18 Meanwhile, above that “quantum limit”
The work avoided bumps
Since it was more accurate
Because they counted things in lumps

19 But let us focus now
On his reasoning within
Below that quantum limit
Where Everything begins.

20 Truly random anything
By definition, see
Has all its data unrelated

21 If that’s the case
there cannot be
Any consistent pattern,

22 But light does make a pattern
As regular as can be.
It always makes a sine wave
And quite consistently

23 Guess what? That isn’t
Randomness” you see!
It’s only inconsistent
With his “Uncertainty

24 What’s more, there cannot be
Any kind of reliability
Let alone a reproducible

25 ‘cause that’s NOT really random
It has another name
It’s called pseudorandom
Like is used in the cryptographic game

26 Now lets’ check another proof
That anyone can do
With a simple FM radio
For our science to renew

27 Early in the 19th century
Light had proved to be
A pair of resonant force fields
Magnetic and Electric they be

28 Since no single cycle
Without energy can survive
The start of each new cycle must
until its particle arrives.

29 But if arrival times are random
As their hero thought of it
There must be for certain
A random phase modulation to it

30 He says it’s part of nature
So we'll always have a fit
No matter how we process
We can’t get rid of it

31 Called “white noise.” It would sound real bad
A “swishing” sound would be
On every FM radio
Over all, consistently

32 But clearly if you’ve listened
To nice music off the air
The thing that is consistent
Is its quiet beauty there.

33 I guess that—
No one told poor Armstrong
Back on that fateful day
That FM was "impossible"
So he invented it anyway.

34 The key is commonality
With corrections we gave it
Providing a cause-and-effect foundation
For both Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

35 So now we’ve found the problem
We’ve removed its fatal sting.
So now we finally have, at last,
A working Theory of Everything

36 Yet another proof is found
As modern technology
Reveals the way a laser works
With prefect accuracy

37 Holographic laser projection of an auto 6 years after Einstein’s death
An invention came to be
The continuous wave laser
With its coherent light you see

38 Coherent light is not random
Its phase, as constant as can be
Can even make good holograms
Which require accuracy

39 But according to “Uncertainty
Lasers cannot work
Because they are not random—
Proves his theory is berserk

40 So always remember
With lasers you can buy
Never stare right in to one
With your remaining eye!

Easy wasn’t it!

by John N. Hait


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