Making Water Safe and Clean

This poem shows two different ways to clean drinking water.


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1 How do we make clean water?
So necessary for life.
We can boil it, is one way
For your children and your wife

2 But that usually eats up energy
To cook a lot of it.
But that don’t have to happen
If you recycle heat to do it

3 Two long pipes with one inside
Called a “counter-flow exchanger”
Heats input water to boil it
By cooling the output out of danger

4 Thus it takes less energy
To boil a lot of it
And make it safe for all of us
For drinking make it fit

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5 Then there is a 2nd way
Get water from the sea
By distilling at room temperature
Make it fit for you and me

6 A “column still” is often used
In the petroleum industry
To separate its inputs, or
Clean water from the sea

7 A 40 foot long PVC
Going straight up in the sky
Like in a mercury barometer
Water only goes so high

8 Above that water, vapor is
Just remove it without fault
Then condense it in a different pipe
It’s distilled without the salt

9 The best thing is, it does its job
At room temperature’s degree
So you get clean water out of it
Without any other debris

10 It takes so little energy
As water flows downhill
Or uses solar energy
So you never get a bill

11 There are many was it's done
But, if you do it up just right
Save heat from daytime sunshine,
It cleans water day and night

12 It always makes clean water
Just like the flying clouds
Takes water from the ocean, to
Water flowers and the crowds

Neat huh!

by John N. Hait


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