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Index to: Easy, Fun and Advanced Science in Poetry

Introductory Comment:
The Remaining Big Scientific Questions

    What is that age-old teaching aid
    That keeps our memory breezy?
    Isn’t it music and fresh poetry
    That makes it all so easy?

    Then click on these— enjoy the breeze.
    It’s as refreshing as can be,
    When your memory gets joggled, excited, remodeled.
    It will help you— sing on key.
    It’s easy and fun— just like a song
    I’ve written these fine things for you
    So, click
    NEXT POEM to move along
    As I’ve laid them all out in a queue.

Life Science:

Theory of Everything:

Light Speed Photonic Computing:

Green Alternative Energy:


    Everything’s difficult, when you don’t understand.
    You can’t seem to see how things fit.
    But once you’ve been shown,
         how your perception has grown,
    How easy it now seems to knit.


    If you feel you must make a PS,
    ‘cause there’s something you just must address.
    You can measure its length, however you think,
    Its size, and its depth, and diameter.
    Then put it together, all bound up with leather,
    And presented it in iambic pentameter.

    by John N. Hait