The Universal Speed Limit

Synopsis: This poem explains how we NOW know that the speed of light is our universal speed limit.


1 Einstein saw it early on
On the ground or in the sky
Light’s as fast as all can go
But he never told us why

2 The reason turns out easy
It makes a lot of sense
‘cause all are made of resonant fields
That wipe out the suspense

3 Fields always love and interact
With only other fields
Because they make up everything
And everything it yields

4 Their interaction always works
At just a single speed
The speed of light, we call it: c
So, it always takes the lead

5 When oscillating fields do go
As straight as straight can be
We call it light, or sometimes
Electromagnetic energy

6 Now atoms that we are made of
Also run at c
But circulate around and round
A singularity

7 But we all know, when things do go
Straight line’s the fastest way
If in one spot they spin their wheels
That’s where they tend to stay

8 Even Black Holes stand still
Although they’re big and tough
They still can’t match the speed of light
‘cause they’re made of the same stuff.

9 Because light always interacts
With gravity and matter
We know they work together
Both the former and the latter

10 Thus their interactions
With the same machinery work
Consistently they always are
Without randomness or quirk

11 Though universal gravity
Is very large indeed
It’s still not straight, but flows around
Near that universal speed

12 Because all fields, if big or small
Will interact the same
Light still remains the fastest one
So, the limit it became

13 Whatever goes in a circle,
Can never catch up to
Something else, at that same speed
Goes in a straight line true

14 Though Einstein didn’t tell us
In a paper or a chat
c is still the maximum
It’s as simple as that.

15 EXEPT: I believe I've found a loophole in Einstein's work. Check out my paper on "Warp Drive"

by John N. Hait


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