The Resonant Field Theory, made simple

This poem teaches the very fundamental mechanism of the Universe, Resonant Fields


1 The Universe supports Field Strengths
May be different in each place
Adjacent places interact
In a never-ending race

2 They do so at the speed of light
Itís constant as they whiz
With Reproducible Precision
Making Everything there is

3 Itís machine-like always follows through
Building structures is their work
That are only made of resonant fields
They never go berserk1

4 Force fields press on their neighbors
Which quickly makes them move
Like a servo mechanism works
It keeps them in their grove

5 They hunt for equilibrium
Which makes them oscillate
Each at its own frequency
For each other to relate

6 Theyíre always in a hand-off
Between potential and kinetic
Like any oscillating thing
Their movement is poetic

7 Because theyíre locked in resonance
Which defines how they relate
Within very narrow limits
When their wavelengths mate

8 When 2 of them do overlap
The output is defined
By the phase between them
As their force is intertwined.

9 When the two meet in-phase
Constructive Interference they embrace
This concentrates their energy
Into a single place

10 We see this as attraction
happens next
When the two are out-of-phase
Itís really not complex

11 This happens every wavelength cycle
When they overlap
It develops every process
We observe, so we can map

12 It really is that easy
But complications grow
Because it builds up Everything
From these basic bricks, ya know

Simple huh!

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-25-2010