Resonant Fields,
the Fundamental Mechanism of Physics
The Theory of Everything
Made Easy to Understand

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Exciting Advances in Basic Science made easy to understand

Finally, Relativity and corrected Quantum Mechanics have been united into an intuitive Theory of Everything, just like Einstein wanted.

The breakthrough came when pseudorandom fields were identified in the laboratory that fly in the face of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. What’s more they are easy to understand. Even Relativity becomes easy to understand, while Quantum Mechanics becomes understandable, along with the fundimentals that point to workable photonic computing.

Heisenberg may have been uncertain, but now we don’t have to be!

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why does gravity only attract, while the other forces also repel?
  • What are we made of, and how does it work?
  • What mechanism causes the Earth to move around the sun?
  • What makes electricity move in a circuit?
  • Why does it stop when the circuit is broken?
  • How do resonant fields generate antigravity?
  • How can we understand quantum mechanics and quantum gravity in an intuitive way?
  • What makes Relativity work the way it does?
  • How does the Resonant Field Theory pick up where Einstein left off?
  • Imagine: A theory of everything... that works, and is also easy-to-understand.
  • Fundimentals that lead to a fully photonic computer.

Who will enjoy this unusual book?
    This text ebook has been specially written for those with at least a high-school science background. If you like reading Scientific American, and Popular Science... you will love this book!

    The working Theory of Everything includes Light Computers. Clearly There aren't any on the market. When they come on the market, they should immediately grab the multi-billion dollar global market, because no body wants to buy a slow computer.

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by Prof. John N. Hait
Edited by Marlene Mickelson, MS, CRC, CRA, DTM
512 pages, fully illustrated, e-book
Jan. 2009 & 2011 updates,
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