What is quantum gravity? How do things work deep down inside?

       Einstein's Relativity explains many of the things gravity does. It provides a means for calculating how things move in orbit at high speed... beyond Newton.

       However, as the famous scientist, author and educator Richard Feynman wrote, 'science tells us how things move in orbit, but it does not tell us what makes them go.'

       Well now, we know! Everything has finally been explained in terms of Resonant Fields.

       Quantum Mechanics deals with very small things like subatomic particles. Its methods have proven to be more accurate than the former methods of calculating how things work because it deals with energy in discrete units called "quanta" rather than as an analog continuum.

       For 70 years, scientists have been trying to unite these two great branches of physics into a single unified theory that would explain how everything works. They have failed to do so, because the underlying principles on which they are founded are so very different as to make the theories completely incompatible. They have been unable to define a workable theory of "quantum gravity" along with everything else.

       But, finally that task as been accomplished in the Resonant Field Theory, which has revealed for the first time the most basic interactions that are combined into everything. This fundamental mechanism of physics explains very satisfactorily how field systems are constructed from the bottom up. How atoms are made, light is constructed, and how gravity operates.

       The fact is that, of the three great divisions scientists make of everything, they all interact with each other in precise, reproducible, reliable ways. Gravity interacts with matter and light, while light and matter also interact. Without some common deterministic mechanism, there would be no means for generating any interaction at all. They should simply ignore each other. But such is not the case.

       The Resonant Field Theory explains that fundamental mechanism in detail. Starting from the most fundamental of interactions, the ability of the universe to support field strengths and field strength differences from one place to another, it builds up into moving fields that actually manufacture and assemble subatomic structure, gravity, time, distance, energy, geometry, electricity and even the speed of light. It explains how literally everything in the universe is constructed, even those things that most folks think of as basic… are not so basic after all!

       Resonant Fields actually explain, not just how things move in orbit, but what makes them go… just like Feynman longed for. It explains how atomic structures (made of constantly-moving energy) are able to stand still, and then move. It finally gives us the answer, to what movement is, and why is it limited to the speed of light. It explains how these 'atomic energy things' maintain their existence separate from one another, and yet interact to generate attraction, repulsion, reflection, radioactive decay, transmutation, build into crystals, melt and solidify… evaporate and condense (and at a reproducible temperature at that.)

       It explains how chemical reactions are manufactured, and how atoms know how to do it. For example, how does hydrogen know that it is hydrogen and is supposed to behave as hydrogen. How does oxygen remember that it is oxygen. How do they know how to combine to make water. What process do they go through to do it?

       Resonant Fields even give the details explaining why the process is so repeatable, and how atoms remember, not only how to do it, but what has been done. It finally explains to us why atoms always get it right, and never forget how to do it. Could atoms actually be programmable?

       This fundamental mechanism causes atoms to interact with each other, light, and even gravity. Understanding it, explains how atoms and even nuclei absorb and emit things. How they manufacture those particles that are emitted. And answers the questions: where do they get the stuff to make them, and what happens to particles that are absorbed?

       It explains in intuitive, easy-to-understand language, how gravity works. What generates Newton's laws, and manufactures "action at a distance"?

       The Resonant Field Theory easily explains how matter interacts with both light and gravity. It answers critical questions like: how gravity makes things move and accelerate, and why gravity only attracts where the other forces of nature both attract and repel. It explains the mechanism behind gravity, and how one would produce antigravity. It unifies corrected quantum mechanics with gravity to give us a working understanding of quantum gravity… the 'holy grail of modern physics.'

       The Resonant Field Theory really is a functioning, intuitive, explanation of how everything works… just like Einstein wanted.

       No other theory has explained things so deeply, and yet so simply that anyone who has studied science to the high school level, or loves to read magazines like the Scientific American and Popular Science can understand.