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Pseudorandom field behavior
differs fundamentally from
random behavior

Is this random or pseudorandom? Is this random or pseudorandom?

         Field accumulations differs in their outcomes that result from random vs. pseudorandom behovior. Belief in random sub-field behavior robbed us of our personal opportunity to be deeply involved in that mesmerizing quest for understanding those very deep things of the universe. It pilfered the scientific tool box, removing the reliability of experiment, the repeatability of proof, and the certainty of mathematics. It suffocated the scientific psyche. Deep science ground to a halt.

     'Uncertainty' based on Heisenberg's random ideas, threw up a wall, stifling advancement, making it "impossible" to go further. It didn't just inhibit further examination, it muffled those who would question. It dampened the enthusiasm of those who loved the scientific intrigue, the quest for solving the enigma… the excitement of discovery.

     Like water building up behind a dam for over 70 years, science is now poised for the greatest expansion of knowledge of all time! By unleashing the power of accurate knowledge, those in this quest are empowered to delve deeper, examine things others thought could never be examined, and solve problems others thought unsolvable.

     Why is this happening now? Because of the recent discovery of deep reality… the pseudorandom behavior of sub-field activities deep within atomic structure, electromagnetic energy, and even gravity. This breakthrough has returned certainty to science!

But why has it been hidden for so long?

     Pseudorandom behavior is often confused with true randomness because it can quickly become so convoluted that we, as humans, loose track of is path of intelligence. It's just like the challenge of decrypting a secret message that has been encrypted using a pseudorandom number generator. As a result, today's astute scientist has become like a cryptanalyst laboring to solve the enigma by mapping the sequenced, nuclear-energy-field inter-activity.

     What's more, the rewards are greater. The cryptanalyst may crack the code of clandestine communication, providing the needed intelligence to defeat a hated enemy. But, the modern scientist can crack the code of subatomic behavior, providing the intelligence that opens the door to the nimble manipulation of atoms so as to build things that have never been built, and accomplish things that others thought impossible. Remember, even today, in this 21st century, there exist many things that were considered 'impossible' in the 20th.

     While there is often a considerable amount of intrigue inherent in the work of the cryptanalyst, it can become far more intense for the modern scientist who is able to skillfully apply his new Resonant Field tools to uncover the secrets of the universe.

     The fact that there are so many questions that remain unanswered proves that we still exist in the early days of science. Today's opportunity for discovery will never come again. Remember, nobody remembers the guy who came in number two!

     You see, the discovery of pseudorandom deep reality is not the end of the matter, but the beginning! Where do you intend to go? What would you like to accomplish? What are your pet projects? Could you now achieve that breakthrough that leads to success? The tools you will need are here… now.

     Could the renewed hope of such success lead to better funding? You will never know until you try… or until your competition does it for you! It's up to you!

" Resonant Fields,
the fundamental mechanism of physics
made easy to understand.

"The Einstein Code"

    The NEXT scientific breakthrough... may be YOURS!