It really is the fundamental mechanism of everything!
  Advanced Technologies Emerging from Resonant Fields

Advanced Science
Generates Advanced Technology.

                A science that suddenly explains things that have been hidden for many years, opens many doors. But when it brings a renewed understanding of how 'everything' works, then it opens many more doors.

        Here are some of the technological doors this new science is opening already.

Resonant Field Initiated and
Controlled Nuclear Fusion

    It's also called, Resonant Energy at Atomic-Level (REAL) Fusion.

        Much of the excitement about the future of the energy industry has focused on nuclear fusion… Energy from water! Fuse hydrogen nuclei (from water) to make helium… the stuff they put in balloons. The process releases tremendous amounts of energy. It's what makes the Sun work.

    Learn more about resonant fields     Uncontrolled methods based on the assumption of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle have been only marginally successful. Their idea has been to heat up hydrogen nuclei (protons) really really hot, and then slam them together, hoping that some will fuse. When your design method assumes random sub-nuclear behavior, such coarse methods may seem like the only way to go. But when it doesn't work, one begins to wonder. Could it be that they are using a sledge hammer when they should be using a xylophone?

        When one recognizes the pseudorandom nature of sub-nuclear energy flow, that it can be mapped and laid out for our inspection, then a number of more practical options come into focus. Rather than trying to hammer protons into fusion, adjacent particles may be "tickled" or "serenaded" with just the right laser beams, having just the right modulation patterns that simulate and stimulate the interfacing sequence that initiates fusion. Once that process has started, the protons take over, because (due to their pseudorandom energy flow sequences deep inside) they already know how to do it. So, they will always get it right, and they will never forget how to do it. We just have to get them excited enough to mate, and they'll do the rest.

        Resonant Fields assure a future having all the energy we will ever need. But to understand induced and controlled fusion, we must first understand Resonant Fields. So, read: "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand." Take a course, attend a Resonant Fields lecture…. Contact us.

Learn more about resonant fields    Direct Nuclear
  Generation of Electricity
        Many radioactive elements emit beta rays (electrons) from their nuclei. Two things are needed, a beta ray source, and an apparatus for catching the electrons… and Voila!

         Direct generation of electric power from a nuclear source.

        While such systems exist today, they have many drawbacks that have prevented them from becoming generally available commercially. One of which is that the source must be extremely radioactive in order to emit enough energy to be of practical use. So safety becomes an important factor, in addition to the fact that the source is usually difficult to turn on and off.

        One way is to use a low power continuously-operating generator to trickle-charge a secondary battery, (like a car battery) very slowly. Then its energy can be used more rapidly in bursts from the battery as needed.

        But there may be a better way. Energy within the nucleus of every atom flows in a pseudorandom sequence. By mapping that sequence we will be able to find out how to initiate nuclear reactions, both fission and fusion. We know this works, because a uranium nucleus is able to absorb a neutron… there is a pause, as the nucleus goes through its pseudorandom absorption and particle-manufacturing sequence, and then the uranium splits in pieces yielding several particles, and a lot of energy. That's how atomic bombs work. But the process, when initiated in a chain reaction, even a controlled chain reaction, has severe drawbacks, including everything from Chernobyl to radioactive waste.

        However, if a map of deep reality within each element were known and understood, then we may be able to insert a series of special pulses, a pseudorandom sequence from specialized lasers that could initiate the nuclear reaction without the need of a nuclear reactor to do it. And without the popular method of using overwhelming power, that has grown out of the now obsolete believe in a random underworld.

        Pseudorandom resonant fields could then be used to initiate the release of energy, while providing perfect control of it... including both the energy itself, and its byproducts that result. In doing so, it would be merely a matter of tuning the modulation pattern of the laser to match the flow map of the target element, it would sort of tickle it, or croon it, into manufacturing beta rays. The result would be, the induced-nuclear direct-generation of electric power.

    Learn more about resonant fields     Under laser control, and the precision of pseudorandom nuclear behavior, it may be possible to generate this energy in a beam, without emitting harmful radiation. Not requiring bulky shielding, it would make possible many hand-held devices, and atomic-powered appliances, autos, and even lawnmowers… or whatever. Think how that would revolutionize everything from space flight to waterskiing.

        Why is this important? The thermal generation of electricity is very wasteful. Not only does it take huge amounts of heat energy to run the steam turbines that generate the electricity, they also must be cooled, often by dumping huge amounts of environmentally destructive heat into rivers and oceans. Thus, if the direct generation of electricity from selected nuclear sources could be achieved, it would be far cleaner, safer, and easier on the planet. How valuable would such a product be?

        If you were the one who discovered it, how valuable would you become?

        Resonant Fields are the future of energy! But to understand induced and controlled nuclear reactions, we must first understand Resonant Fields. So, read: "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand." Take a course, attend a Resonant Fields lecture. Contact us.

        Sunlight is a resonant field system. Its thermonuclear generator is conveniently located some 93 million miles away. However, there are several hang-ups that have thus far prevented solar energy from being used on a widespread commercial basis. One is the inefficiency of current direct-generating devices (solar cells,) and the other is the energy storage problem.

        We need to build solar-electric systems that don't run down at sundown.

        As a resonant field system, sunlight, (in fact all light,) obeys the strict rules that are predetermined by its internal pseudorandom behavior. By gaining a better understanding of how this works, we should be able to design better devices for using sunlight more efficiently.

    Learn more about resonant fields

    For example:

    Understanding light better would allow the design of a unique system of reflectors should be able to "track" the sun, without having to move the mirrors. Stationary collectors are far less expensive to manufacture, and are able to withstand high winds, and other natural difficulties better than hilostats (mirrors that mechanically track the sun.) That would both simplify a solar installation, and make it more efficient.  


        Even seemingly ordinary things are better understood, if we understand the Resonant Fields they are made of. It's like brick houses. To really understand good brick house engineering, we need a good solid understanding of bricks.

        To understand solar energy utilization better, we must first read: "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand." Take a course, attend a Resonant Fields lecture. Contact us. Then we will finally begin to understand the 'bricks' that the universe is made of.

Better Solar CellsLearn about resonant fields with certainty
        Even the best solar cells are only about 15% efficient. But a greater understanding of how the pseudorandom sequence deep within a semiconductor interacts with light should yield cells that are far more efficient, dragging solar energy out of the doldrums of uncertainty and into certain more practical applications.

        Right now, the average house collects more than a megawatt of energy each day, which is currently only used to heat the shingles. See what I mean?

        To understand photovoltaics inside and out, we must first understand the Resonant Fields they are made of. Read: "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand." Take a course, attend a Resonant Fields lecture. Contact us.

Fuel from Sunlight
        Water can be broken into hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of ultraviolet light. That hydrogen then can be used as clean fuel in fuel cells, and to power transportation. But the process is not efficient enough to be commercially viable. However, with the study of resonant fields, one can come to understand the flow mechanisms of both light and matter so that an efficient catalyst can be manufactured to transform a laboratory curiosity into a viable commercial technology.

        To understand how Resonant Fields can be used to turn water into fuel, we must first understand Resonant Fields, deep inside. Read: "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand." Take a course, attend a Resonant Fields lecture. Contact us.

Designer CatalystsLearn about resonant fields with certainty
        There are many natural catalysts that interface between various substances. A dual chemical reaction occurs between substance A and the catalyst, and between the product of that reaction and substance B, restoring the catalyst to its original condition.

        In the process, the pseudorandom energy flow in substance A matches the one in the catalyst, and its output energy-flow sequence then interacts with the flow sequence in substance B, producing the desired output while restoring the flow sequence in the catalyst to its original organiztion.

        Do you see how designer catalysts could be produced from the energy flow maps of the elements? What would you like to manufacture? Might a great variety of manufacturing processes be simplified with designer catalysts?

        Resonant Fields can enhance 21st century manufacturing, making many things that are now difficult or impossible… into the ordinary and common. But to understand how to do it, we must first understand Resonant Fields. Read: "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand." Take a course, attend a Resonant Fields lecture. Contact us.

Tractor Beams?
        Why not? The Resonant Field Theory explains the interface between matter and gravity. It explains how gravity makes things move. It explains how one would go about generating antigravity. There's a whole chapter on Gravity in the Resonant Fields book.

        There is also a chapter on "Projected Resonant Fields." When we gain a greater understanding of the energy-flow patterns in matter, then we should be able to manipulate those patterns by projecting a properly organized field, that would alter the natural gravity-matter interface within a target substance, causing it to move in any direction we want. This may be easier to do in space where moving stuff around is easier.

        However, here on Earth, it could be used as a levitator to replace much of the heavy machinery we use today in construction work. In theory it can be done.

        Of course, we remember what Yogi Berra said, "In theory, theory and practice are the same, but in practice they're different." So we have our work cut out for us. But at least we now have the right tools… the Resonant Fields explanation of the pseudorandom behavior deep within everything is the right tool at the right time.

        Resonant Fields can catapult our 21st century into the 23rd ahead of schedule. Read: "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand." Take a course, attend a Resonant Fields lecture. Contact us.

Learn more about resonant fields Exciting things you can learn now.

        Photonic Computing, materialization-manufacturing, and antigravity-transport are covered elsewhere on this website, but there are so many more opportunities to advance 21st century science.

        We still exist in the early days of modern science. There remain so many things to learn, and build, and do. There are so many exciting opportunities opening up, for catapulting science out of the doldrums of uncertainty and into practical functioning 'Certainty'.

        So, put 'certainty' in your measurements, 'certainty' in you understanding, 'certainty' in your work, and 'certainty' in your life!

        The proof is here! Pseudorandom behavior is evident everywhere. Every nuclear reaction, every chemical reaction, every electro-chemical reaction, every gravitational interaction…. Virtually everything around us gives direct proof of the Pseudorandomness of nature.

        Pseudorandomness is what opens the doors to understanding. Instead of merely asserting that it's impossible to understand something, so people won't bother looking... instead of blocking examination of deep reality to perpetuate the mystery, the Resonant Field Theory actually explains how things work. It opens the floodgates of our minds, and the functionality of our research. It enables advanced innovation that has been hobbled for so many years, stuck in the mud of uncertainty.

There are so many exciting things you can learn even now.


  • Why does electricity have to flow in a circuit, and what makes it go?
  • Why can electricity in an antenna wire travel near the speed of light without gaining weight like Relativity says it should?
  • What makes magnets attract in one geometry, and repel in another?
  • Why does gravity only attract where the other forces of nature both attract and repel?

  • How could one make matter repel, like magnets do?
  • What manufactures Newton's laws, Einstein's Relativity, and Maxwell's Equations? Learn about resonant fields with certainty
  • What really is light? How big is a photon?
  • How come we can't travel at warp speed?

  • Why to things get heavier when they go real fast?
  • What makes Relativity work?
  • How big is the universal gravitational field?
  • What's really in the middle of a Black Hole?

  • What is Singularity, really, and why do the laws of physics seem to go bananas there?
  • How are Black Holes constructed?
  • What happens if you fall into one?
  • What about all those mystical things Heisenberg claimed things do when you're not looking? And, what do they really do? Does it really matter if you're looking or not?

  • Is Schrödinger's cat dead or alive? And how do we know for certain?
  • How can quantum mechanics be reconciled with relativity?
  • How does quantum gravity work?
  • What is the universe made out of, and how does it work?
  • What is the 5th dimension? And how about a whole string of them?

If you understood how 'everything' in the universe works, what fields could you revolutionize?

  • How valuable would that detailed of an education be?
  • How valuable could you become, if you just had the right tools?
  • How valuable would be that first text book that teaches about everything?

Do you run a school or an industry?

  • So how valuable would real information like this be to you and your organization?
  • How many new products could you generate?
  • How could you make things that are easier on the planet?

  • If you were the first in your field to integrate Resonant Fields into your research, curriculum, and product line, how far would that put you ahead of your competition?

  • What do you suppose will happen to those that don't, or are too late in doing it?
  • Can you sell short on university stock? Think about it?
  • I think you get the point! The opportunity is yours... now.

Critical questions with some hard answers.

Learn about resonant fields with certainty     These are critical questions that scientists have been searching for answers, for centuries. They portend radical change in many fields, industries, and even society. It will happen, the laws of physics and economics are forcing rapid change… the global conversion from 'uncertainty' to 'certainty' is unstopable. The laws of physics always win. They always win!

    We live in critical times. Will you be like the farmer who is outstanding in his field? Or will you just wait and watch your competition sprint across the finish line?

    Do you imagine that they will suddenly decide to share their good fortune with you? Or make a fortune off you? I think you know the answer, but it's up to you! The grass really is greener on this side.

    There is no excitement like the excitement of discovery. Resonant Fields have thrown open the doors. The whole world of 23rd century science is now open to you… peek through the doors of your own imagination. See how your dreams can be fulfilled… with resonant fields.

    But in order to get there, you need to revamp your efforts from a game of "kick the can," bogged down in 'uncertainty', into a precision pseudorandom working strategy that spells progress! Success doesn't happen at random… it's generated!

    And now these answers are available to you.

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