It really is the fundamental mechanism of everything!


        The faster a computer works, the more it can do. The faster its transistors work, the more valuable that computing system is. Because, nobody wants to buy a slow computer.

2.1 fs photonic transistor
Click to learn more        To help us understand, the Scientific American put it this way, "One femtosecond is to one second, as one second is to 32 million years!"

       Transistors in a modern 2 Ghz computer switch in about 200 picoseconds, which is the same as 200,000 femtoseconds. (10-15 sec.) Photonic Transistors that use laser light to replace electricity and holograms to replace computer chips have been tested switching in 1.2 femtoseconds!

       Fully photonic computers will be smaller, store and communicate more information, be less expensive to manufacture, and will operate at light-speed. So, in today's dog-eat-dog competitive computer market, how valuable is that?

       Photonic Transistors operate using pseudorandom resonant fields, and were co-developed by Dr. Hait along with his Resonant Field Theory. They work well because there is no 'uncertainty'.

Why Compute With Light



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