Critical Questions Answered —
A series of papers by Prof. John N. Hait

Learn about resonant fields with certainty

Resonant Fields are everywhere, in everything, because they are the most fundamental building blocks of the universe. The proof is all around us, and has been available for many years. It just took some time to recognize them.

They are intriguing. They are pervasive. They are easy to recognize when we have captured the essence of how they operate, and why they are able to build a whole universe with all of its variety. Compare it to the alphabet.

The English alphabet has only 26 different letters, yet, look how many unique stories may be told. There are only 88 keys on a piano, yet, how many unique compositions may be played.

This picture of Lenna here. She is really just a bunch of dots on a screen, yet, doesn’t she produce at least some emotional reaction within her viewers? Whether it is positive or negative, she transmits information greater than her mere image. Wouldn’t you say? Ah yes, intriguing Resonant Fields.

However, nothing occurs at random as some imagine. If it did, the dictionary would be of no value. The universe is the same way. It works because it is not random, but is pseudorandom. That is, orderly and deterministic but complex.

Human DNA consists of 23 coded sequential programs that are read and executed by the rest of the cell, yet each individual code consists of only 4 atoms, taken 3 at a time. And yet, look at the variety of folks it has produced around the world.

Never-the-less, each of those atoms, in fact every atom, is built of Resonant Fields. And when they interact, they always get it right and never forget how to do it. So, are they just a bunch of E=mc2 energy swishing around at the speed of light? Or is there more to their machinery?

What would we look like, (for that matter, what would you look like,) if everything was based on truly random events? So we must ask, “Are those most basic events truly random, or do they just look that way to humans?”

No, the Universe is a machine, built of deterministic resonant machines… pseudorandom operating machines. Cause and Effect rules! And now we can prove it!

So I ask again, “Do you recognize the Resonant Fields?”

Do you recognize the value that comes from
understanding these critical answers?

Critical Questions Answered:

  1. Resonant Fields Education Page
    • Introduction to the Resonant Field Theory
    • The Birth of a Star
    • The Common Explanations of Duality are NOW obsolete
    • The "Certainty Principle"
    • The Road to Grand Unification
    • Grand Unification
    • The Universal Mechanism in a Coconut Shell

  2. Laboratory proof of the Resonant Field Theroy

  3. Nuclear Proof of Pseudorandom Deep Reality

  4. What makes E=mc2 work

  5. What's Really in the Middle of a Black Hole

  6. Mapping the Enigma of the Einstein Codes

  7. Answering Tantalizing Critical Questions about Quantum Gravity and everything else

  8. How fast is a femtosecond, and why is it valuable?

  9. Advanced Technologies Emerging from our Advanced Knowledge of Resonant Fields

  10. Why Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle fails
    1st Chapter of "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics" (Adobe .pdf file)

  11. Subatomic Energy-flow Patterns, 1st Chapter of "The Einstein Code" (Adobe .pdf file)

  12. 1st Chapter of "How to Recycle Scrap Metal into Electricity" (Adobe .pdf file)

  13. How to keep your wig-wam warm all winter, and cool all summer for free, 1st Chapter of "Passive Annual Heat Storage, Improving the Design of Earth Shelters" (Adobe .pdf file)

  14. The most comprehensive and detailed examination of Resonant Fields is the book "Resonant Fields, the fundamental mechanism of physics made easy to understand," Written for high-school-level scientists, and/or those who enjoy reading magazines like the Scientific American and Popular Science
Among others,the Resonant Fields book also answers ALL
of these critical questions:
  • What could be more exciting than understanding the very fundamental operations of the Universe?

  • What makes gravity work, deep inside light?
  • Why does gravity only attract where the other forces also repel?
  • What is movement and how do light-speed energy-things like atoms move or even stand still?

  • What internal process makes things in space go and curve around in an orbit?
  • How does quantum gravity work?
  • How big is the universal gravitational structure?
  • What is the 5th dimension?

    Learn about resonant fields with certainty

  • What are strings? And how do we figure out their math?
  • How do Resonant Fields unify all physics into one intuitive model?

  • How do the strong and weak forces reconcile with gravity and light?
  • How can they be different, yet made out of the same kind of energy?
  • How much force is exerted against one cycle of a photon as it curves around the Sun? And why is it important?

  • What is energy made out of?
  • How do deep force fields work, inside?
  • How much energy is confined to one cycle of the smallest de Broglie wavelength deep inside a neutron?

  • What really is Singularity, and why do the 'laws of physics' go bananas there?
  • What makes quarks?
  • How are quasars constructed?

  • What's in the middle of a Black Hole ?
  • What would really happen to you if you fell into one?
  • How are Black Holes constructed? Can you make one?

    Learn about resonant fields with certainty

  • What did Hawking find in the very center of an atom?
  • What unusual property did Einstein find in the energy interlinking atoms?
  • What proof do we have for pseudorandom subatomic behavior?

  • If energy is real stuff, how is it accumulated into your golf ball, where does it go when the ball lands in a sand trap? And how does it get there?
  • How is a neutrino like a forward pass from a right-handed player in American football?
  • How does an FM radio prove the Resonant Field Theory?

  • What process causes the swirling energy deep in an electron to behave differently from that in a proton or a neutrino?
  • How can we measure the 2.8 billion light-year gravitational wavelength?
  • What evidence is there for the 'onion' nuclear model rather than the popular crystalline model?

  • From where does an atom get the stuff to manufacture a photon, and
  • How does it do it?
  • By what sequential process does absorption take place?

  • What really happens in a two-slit experiment?
  • What is required for a photon to be in two places at once?
  • What can fly near the speed of light without gaining weight, ah la Relativity?

  • How is space-time manufactured? And…
  • What makes it? What process does it use?
  • When light exits a lens it goes faster, so does it accelerate?

  • What does it take to produce a Pentium from sand that does not exist naturally?
  • How are refraction and reflection manufactured, and what does it?
  • What causes a particle to twist at high speed?

  • How are atoms like a jellyfish?
  • What is a 'null universe' and how do we know we've never had one?
  • Where would you find an antigravitational nonlinear energy algorithm?

  • What generates geometry?
  • What makes time tick?
  • What determines absolute distance?

    Learn about resonant fields with certainty

  • If deep things within your golf ball are uncertain, what makes the difference between a slice, a birdie or a hole-in-one?
  • What are your thoughts made out of?
  • If you smacked your golf ball into warp speed, what would happen to it?

  • What causes magnetic polarity? Why is it geometry-dependent?
  • How do you project a resonant field?
  • How tiny would a subquantum-quantum be?

  • How can you make light curve in free space (without gravity)?
  • How do resonant fields go hunting? And what do they look for?
  • What is a 'bias field' and how does it modify things without an energy exchange?

  • How does the 'capture effect', affect what you see?
  • Are the dimensional changes due to Relativity virtual or real? How do we know?
  • What causes stress in tensor fields?

  • How does the speed of sub-field interactions affect propagation in progressive superpositioning?
  • How is this related to the speed of sound?
  • What the heck is "progressive superpositioning"?

    Learn about resonant fields with certainty

  • What causes 'energy trapping' and how much does it capture?
  • What causes energy structures to maintain themselves as separate entities?
  • What prevents all energy from just merging together into one big random mess?

  • Why is quantization a good idea?
  • What is 'pneuma'? What is a pneuma structure?
  • What controls 'spontaneous' emissions?

  • How does pseudorandom behavior affect spontaneous emissions?
  • How is bonding related to dynamic equilibrium by force?
  • What is 'servo' action and why do you depend on it?

    Learn about resonant fields with certainty

  • What is the eigenfunction of a de Broglie wavelength?
  • How can we find a particle's momentum and location at the same time?
  • What makes E=mc2 work?

  • What is the universe made of? and,
  • How does it work... fundamentally?
  • How can you learn about stuff even more exciting than this?
Get all the answers: Read the Resonant Fields Text Book… it's easy to understand.

Please consider this:

As the economics of science gets tighter, it may soon become 'pop quiz' time.   

Will you be ready?

*RANDOM: Anything that is truly "random" has zero mathematical relation between one event and the next. If ANY repeatable statistical relationship exists among events, then they are not truly "random," but are PSEUDORANDOM by the algorithm which relates them. It is the very definition of "random."

Having a clear understanding of what words mean helps us to have clearer thinking.

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