Pseudorandom Evidence from
Radioactive Cobalt

This poem explains why Quantum Mechanics needs to be repaired in order to give it a pseudorandom foundation like Relativity, so the two can then be combined into a viable Theory of Everything, the Resonant Field Theory.


1 Deep within an atom
Where its nucleus does hide
It defines how it will operate, when it
Encounters those outside

2 But if we really look in close
And watch how it does work
Weíll find it so intriguing
'cause it never goes berserk 1

3 Because thereís nothing random
Like Heisenberg once said
But rather, itís sequential
And reliable

4 Soó
One thing is for certain
Each byproduct that is made
Is highly predictable
Which "Uncertainty"* canít evade

5 'causeó
That could never happen
If its foundation were not reliable
Thus, radio isotopes do prove
That Certainty is undeniable!

6 The cobalt atom teaches us
From its radioactivity
As it repeats each sequential step
Machine-like, progressively

7 Radioactive elements
Expel things from within
The fields that make their nuclei
Where their energy's dug-in

8 According to a timed schedule
Called its "half life" just for starts
Manufactures particles from its internal fields
That make up all its parts

9 The concept of a half-life
From randomness donít come
It follows a strict schedule
Like a ticking clock, for one

10 And since this all happens
When its nucleus does emit
The exact same kind of particle, from
Below its quantum limit

11 Now, that isnít supposed to happen
Itís all random they declare
Below that quantum limit
But that ainít whatís working there!

12 Radioactive cobalt
Ejects an electron (called a beta ray)
And an antineutrino right on time
Constructed the same way

13 Since there aren't supposed to be
Electrons within, just ones without
It must be manufactured
When itís time to spit one out.

14 Again, that isnít random
But pseudorandom and precise
Organized production
Of these particlesó concise

15 Firstó
Itís a precision timed event
Triggers manufacturing
Dismantles part of the nucleus
To build each brand-new thing

16 It reorganizes energy
Into the new arrangement of
An electron and an antineutrino
Not some random thing to shove

17 Only then does it eject
But not haphazardly
With specific spin and axis
We can predict it mathematically

18 Like a right-handed quarterback
Who throws a forward pass,
Only consistently more accurate.
All the others does surpass

19 Timing, by its very nature
Is a sequential operation
That must be done in order
To work without a complication

20 It does the same things every time
Predictableó each thing
Its spin, axis and direction
Kinetic energy and timing

21 Now you canít tell me thatís RANDOM
The word just doesn't fit
Itís obvious the universe
Donít work from randomness in it

22 Soó
What does Heisenbergís hypothesis *
Find missing in each place
It canít explain whatís happening
In this never-ending race

23 It has no mechanism for producing
Repulsion or attraction
Or particles of any kind
Let alone, consistency of action

24 It has no way of counting time
Or executing a procedure
Right on schedule as it always does.
Based on nothing but conjecture?

25 It has no way to get it right
Or remember how to do it
They canít explain just how it works
Or knows just when to do it

26 How does this have a bearing
On the Quantum Mechanic?
It manifests its basic flaws
Its foundation's in a panic!

27 Weíve developed cool wave-functions*
That tell whatís going on
Deep within a structure
'cause they never get things wrong.

28 This could not be possible
With true randomnessó its base
For that would make it inconsistent
When we test each case

29 So, if you have developed
Wave-functions * none-the-less
They must result from Certainty
Of its pseudorandomness

30 Reality reveals it all
Itís in no way "Uncertain"
But Deep Reality does exist!
Itís ways are always Certain

31 I know this is contrary
To whatís commonly believed
It shows from what we have been taught
We've been thoroughly deceived

32 What is our last conclusion?
What needs to be repaired?
Quantum Mechanics needs the fixing
With pseudorandomness prepared

33 The pseudorandomness of nature
Is shown to always be
A property of Resonant Fields in
This comprehensive new theory

34 Thatís why it finally has been fused
With Relativity
To yield a working T.O.E. 2
So we can all agree


Don't you just love the logical Resonant Field Theory!
Itís nice to finally get it right, isnít it?

by John N. Hait

1 Random actions would cause random results inconsistent with a programmed series of repeatable events. Thus, true randomness would cause any such activity to go "berserk."

2 T.O.E. = Theory of Everything.


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Update 1-25-2010