Quantum Gravity

This poem provides a simple explanation of Quantum Gravity, considered to be the “Holy Grail” of 21st century science.


1 Quantum Mechanics doesn’t work
With Einstein’s Relativity
That’s why for more than 80 years
They’ve not made a working T.O.E.

2 That is a “Theory of Everything"
In a comprehensive way
To understand the Universe
The way we do today

3 With analog calculations
Einstein worked with gravity
But quantum things come in bundles
Little lumps of energy

4 So there needs to be a simple way
To quantize gravity
But ‘till now they’ve failed to do it
With all their creativity

5 The secret wasn’t difficult
Gravity sure ain’t rough
It’s RESONANT just like everything
‘cause it’s made of the same stuff

6 It acts in strict machine-like form
So, we know it must be true
With light as well as matter
For it works with, these other two

7 If these fields were not the same
They could not interact
Without the same machinery
In physics it’s a fact

8 But there is a difference
As its wavelength is so long
It don’t exchange energy
But moves things round real strong

9 The stuff that we call “pneuma”
It makes up everything
Is dynamic energy
Makes guitars and birds to sing.

10 Like them, all is resonant
Vibrates to its own tune
This natural state it can relate
With others it will swoon

11 Because the heavens altogether
Move with accuracy that’s fine
It interacts with all within
It’s consistent all the time

12 So there’s nothing random
The heavens are on time
It’s pseudorandom actions
With Certainty defined

13 So there’s no Uncertainty
Below its quantum limit
It always works within its works
So it can never quit

14 That interaction proves it is
Made of that same stuff
That always works together
With force that’s just enough

15 Therefore, if it works the same
In resonance it must be
But has a large de Broglie* wave
2.8 Billion light years it may be.

16 That’s why it only bends the phase
Of smaller things inside
Which makes the planets curve around
And even makes the tides.

17 Like all known resonant things
It follows the same math
Which shows it to be quantized
And keeps us on its path

18 So now we have discovered
ThatHoly Grail,” you see
We’ve finally solved the mystery
Of Quantum Gravity

Simple wasn’t it!

by John N. Hait

* Atoms, Black Holes, Gravity and other nonlinear field objects are resonant, oscillating in curved resonance, maintaining each basic shape by force. Electromagnetic radiation will interact within tiny limits with the shell which wavelength matches with it, during both absorption and ejection of a field structure such as light.

The first one to suggest that matter as well as light may have a wave-nature to it was Louis de Broglie, thus these curved series of single cycles were named after him.


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