The Natural Unit of Energy

This poem explains how to measure interacting resonant fields with a more natural and appropriate unit of measure.


1 Oh how much confusion
Grows from small events
When the units are confused
It fouls up our measurements

2 Even with the words we choose
To explain what we have found
In the lab, for things weíve had
Can easily confound

3 An example is the ďphoton"
Some say is from hf
Planckís Constant times the frequency
Was its original intent

4 Is it the entire resonant field
Or just a unit of that stuff?
If n = the number of full quanta,
nhf is then enough

5 However,
f is in cycles per second
That means that we assume
The pulse is a whole second long
And all of it consume

6 That means itís not just energy
But "Power" we produce
Which can be useful as can be
But still, it can confuse

7 Yet,
In resonant fields that overlap,
They do so wave-by-wave
Which may include some different n
Which says how they behave

8 If the n does modulate
in a series of wavelengths
Itís like an old time radio show
In quantized even strengths

9 When their fields do overlap
Their Einstein Codes combine
The patterns that result from them
New features they define.

10 When Einstein Codes combine
Itís like cryptography
Theyíre pseudorandom in their works
So, results always agree

11 So there needs to be a better
to measure energy
On a cycle-for-cycle basis
As it relates to what we see

12 The question is, how much there is
In just one wavelength long
We divide by the number of cycles
And get E = nhf/f = nh, is how strong

13 In this case, the h we find,
Has come from energy
Numerically like Planckís original
But now itís a measure of quantized Energy

14 Thus, in the common photon field
The amount of Energy
Is a result of quantized resonance
Regardless of frequency

15 It sure is appropriate
To give it a fine name
We call it, ďplanckĒ for dear old Max
Since his work, brought on his fame

16 Now when we map the resonant fields
Much easier itís been made
Weíll see how fields do interact
Thanks to this fine new aid

17 Letís make science easy
Letís make it fun for sure
So youíll remember more of it
And, your education will endure

Fun wasnít it!

by John N. Hait


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