Nuclear Onions

While the evidence is not complete
This description really fits
To revise our thinking of how each thing
Is made deep down within it


1 This is speculation
But the facts, they sure do point
That atoms aren’t put together
The way that scientists anoint

2 They’ve identified some particles
That come out for us to see
When they smack atoms together
Of this most will agree

3 A crystal has the quality
X-rays do explore
To show them to be constructed
Of round atoms in their core

4 An array of round atoms
Side by side makes every shape
Because they are so tiny
It hides their bumpy landscape

5 But atoms aren’t portrayed that way
They know they must be round
Because the accumulated external effect
Is consistent all around

6 Another thing’s important
That shows consistency
In how things work together
Without “Uncertainty*”

7 Einstein found deep in between
Binding force is antigravity
But no one has found the same thing
When collisions leave debris

8 So are the nuclei of atoms
As crystalline as they say?
Just because there are consistent things
That pop out in their display?

9 Most of all these atoms are
Just energy-balls they say
Made of flowing force fields
Which forces them to work that way

10 They tend to seek the simplest shapes
As their forces wrestle constantly
Within their structure, zoom about
Seeking equilibrium perpetually

11 So logically their consistency
Would change our picture of
The way they are constructed
Not a crystal, but an onion it does love

12 In order to explain
How a crystal would behave
They make a complicated concoction
Of particles and wave

13 They’re called two nuclear forces
Which are basic to each thing
But they don’t account for all that works
Deep within everything

14 How do they work together?
These two “forces” at their base
They claim to make them operate
With such strangeness they embrace

15 But Resonant Fields do explain all
Consistent they’ve become
From a single basic force
Is where complications build from

16 They circulate each other
In Einstein Codes do swirl
In spherical resonance
Repeating and reliable they whirl

17 That makes the atom very round
With consistent ways to fit
That’s why they always get it right
And never do forget

18 We have a brand new picture now
More like an onion in its layers
It fits the way they really work
Without so many players

19 So all those funny particles
They’ve identified within
Are really manufactured
When the smacking does begin

20 The reason this does happen
Is pseudorandomness
It builds them up consistently
With reliable matchlessness

21 That’s why when certain nuclei
Eject new particles
They build negative electrons
That aren’t among their basic articles

22 It follows a procedure
That always ends the same
In timing and its output
With consistency proclaim

23 Otherwise their big Colliders
Wouldn’t make consistently
The things they always output
For them to study (not for free)

24 That’s why their very precious work
Would more productive be
If they would study Resonant Fields
Without “Uncertainty*”

25 So now we see the value
Of advancement taught throughout
The world of science education
Needs updating without doubt

Exciting isn’t it!

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-29-2010