Mutations ? the Magic Bullet?

This poem teaches how mutations would need to work in order to build functioning genes.


1 If once the sexual process
Is really put in place
How could Mutations work
To build the next one in each race?

2 The DNA and all with it
Contains instructions, sure
That build life up from atoms
With a pattern that endures.

3 The order and make-up of it
In each sequential gene
Must sequence through each building block
To complete its full routine.

4 If it's sequence is disturbed
By some subatomic ray,
It would have to rearrange each piece
Back into a working array.

5 Or else it's no improvement
Just a birth defect
Destroying things already built
With no progress to detect.

6 It's clear that that don't happen
There's no machine to make it work
We shot a random hole in it
It's function goes berserk

7 It would take a magic bullet
To build a working brew
For every single atom
Must be placed exactly in its queue.

8 This magic bullet must contain
A list of things to do
To build up this new feature
And make it do, what it must do.

9 For, that's the only way it works
To make it function right
Or else it just adds garbage
And something else to fight.

10 Without this list, the feature made
Will not perform a thing
To make a feature that could cause
Natural Selection to do its thing

11 Just like the partial eye
Any change must be complete
Or else it just remains around
For other ones to eat

12 What's more, we must consider
Exactly where its magic acts
Precisely in that exact spot
Where its DNA string lacks

13 What's more:
Out of several trillion cells
The only ones that could
Would be that special sperm or egg
When mating makes them good

14 So:
Thanks to sex, which concentrates
Where changes must affirm
They have to hit her in her egg
Or smack him in his sperm!

15 And:
Since the male will manufacture
A million sperm or maybe more
That magic bullet has to hit
That exact one she will adore

16 All the others don't get used
They fail to make the grade
So any magic bullet there
Provides no evolutionary aid

17 There is another problem that
Stops Selection fast
It don't improve the parent
Just to child it is passed

18 The parent will remain as lunch
Its advantage is not used
To select the one with its new thing
Within its DNA infused

19 Again, we have a conflict
Between the theory and the facts.
Each time we try to make it work,
Evolution flops right in its tracks.

20 Before we thought we knew a lot
But now we know much more
Because we stopped to look real close
As illogic we deplore

21 So if the theory doesn't work
And don't explain real life,
Accepting it will only
Fill our hearts with further strife.

22 Now:
Did I just make all this up
With a bias lurking there
Or could it be, when faced with facts
They haven't got a prayer'

23 So better we be accurate
And learn how things exist
Because it makes us happy
When the truth we've finally kissed.

Cool huh!

By John N. Hait

Even plants do have a sexual part
But don't eat one another
So Selection doesn't work
So does science point to other?

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Update 2-2-2010