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What is movement?

This poem explains the riddle of movement. One of the most fundamental physical processes that had remained a mystery until now.


1 Tell me, “What is movement?”
What makes things go around?
If atoms are just swirling stuff,
Won’t standing still confound?

2 If you throw a ball,
Why don’t it stop midair?
Why does it keep on going
And finely wind up there?

3 But if you make it accelerate
It works with force on it.
What makes the ball go faster
Until you let go of it?

4 Since it always works the same
It’s machine-like we observe
Not by magic, or just happenstance
It sticks by its universal verve

5 Deep inside atomic structure
In Einstein Codes it swirls
This interactive energy
Defines all of its curls

6 When standing still
In circles go, this energy around
Interacting constantly
So each cycle makes it round

7 But add a little energy
And changes do occur
It knocks the circle out of round
And modifies the stir

8 So then it will re-resonate
In a slightly different place
Cause you’ve changed the flow pattern
In its never-ending race

9 That makes the flowing pattern
Move on with constant speed,
Unless you add more energy
To this energetic steed?

10 The amount that it is out of round
Determines where it does the same
How much adjustment it must have
To re-resonate again

11 So now we know the answer
Gone is the mysterious stigma
We now know what makes atoms go
We’ve solved this old enigma

Easy wasn’t it!

by John N. Hait


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