The Machinery of Life

This poem teaches how resonant fields are a form of machinery. And from these, the most basic forces in the universe, and all things, are constructed. Whatís more, the Machinery of Life is also made from resonant fields, which generates all living things. Itís important to understand how living things work, (mechanically.)


1 There is a simple principle
In the fourth dimensionó time.
When a process is sequential.
It must perform each step in line.

2 We didnít come here in a ďpoofĒ,
Or instantly sublime.
Rather, we were builtó not just one cell,
But each atom at a time.

3 Our DNA plus all with it
Constructs things on command.
Assembling the atoms,
As it builds things on demand.

4 Because it is machinery,
Which makes it work this way,
It doesnít just show up
With a magical display.

5 So without a machine to step through
each link within the chain,
Nothing will ever happen.
There'll be no useful gain.

6 It follows the genetic plan
One atom at a time,
Because the machinery, which makes it work
Is a programmable enzyme.

7 So when we change the order
of the atoms in its line,
Weíll build something thatís different
Each and every time.

8 The process is so very much
Like this poetic rhyme.
If we rearrange its letters
Its functionís lost each time.

9 Soó
We can build Ďbout anything
Our little hearts desire,
By rearranging genes and things
Without a furnace or a fire.

10 Whatís more the atoms weíre made of
Are made of resonant fields.
That likewise are machinery.
Producing everything it yields.

11 Theyíre organized, these force fields
That work in perfect queue.
Precisely interacting
To make things old and new.

12 Just as chemistry is consistent
Faithful and reliable.
Itís built from field machinery,
Which makes it work and viable.

13 And as water can be made
Burning hydrogen in a flame,
Which interacts in sequence
To make results the same.

14 It is the flow of energy,
Around and round in fact,
That keeps this ball of energy,
In atoms still in tact.

15 So when they touch another one
They donít just mush together,
But sequence through each cycleís glue,
To build a force-field tether.

16 Itís really very accurate
And not random anything.
It follows predetermined plans
Locked in its field-flow ring.

17 Only machinery gets it right
And remembers how to do -  it
Itís not by random anything,
For that would make it quit.

18 Expanding ever upward
From this foundation here
Whether youíre building big sky scrapers
Or brewing a fine beer.

19 The physics always works the same
Itís as reliable as can be
So we know itís not uncertain
But, we're certain how things will be

20 Soó
Nothing happens without reason.
Itís not magic we unmask,
Only a machine could sequence through
To complete its every task.

21 The same with lifeís machinery,
On the subatomic scale.
Its manufactured organization,
Along its predetermined trail.

22 Just because it is complex,
Many features cute and slick,
Doesnít mean itís not built up
By machinery, brick by brick.

23 Each geneís a series of instructions
Telling the cell just how to build.
Whatís been sequenced in its DNA
By instructions fully filled.

24 Soó
Who put the wiggly tail on sperm?
That makes it swim so fast?
Heading for its happy home,
To build you or me, at last?

25 How does the egg respond?
Grabs the first sperm swimming by
Then rejects the other ones.
To stop the other guy.

26 It doesnít do it just for fun,
Itís programmed in our genes,
To do each task in sequence,
By predetermined means.

27 Thatís why itís always easier
To build things that donít work,
Than to build one that will do it well.
Itís by design, itís not by quirk.

28 So have a cup of tea my friend,
Relax with your sweet wife.
And contemplate what happens with
The Machinery of Life.

by John N. Hait

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