John N. Hait

Summer Sundry of Delightfully Profound Poetry

Some are too long and some are too short.
Some are for summer and fall.
But if you enjoy them and really employ them,
this book is chocked full of them all.

Plus these delightfully profound short poems:
         Country Music Played Backwards
         Trouble in Red Square
         Adam's Mother-in-law
         A Surprise Report Card
         The Pastry-Cook's Help
         Judgment Askew
         What's Green in Ireland?
         Really Tough Times
         Montana Politicians
         Attracting Attention
         Some here on this planet

She was only a moon-shiner's daughter,
but I loved her still.

What is the definition of a "Nurse?"
It's a beautiful woman,
Who looks into your eyes,
Holds your hand,
And expects your pulse to be normal.

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