They said it was “impossible!”

They said it was “impossible”, but was it really?


1 They said it was “impossible!”
They laughed at Christopher Columbus
When he said the world was round
They laughed when Edison recorded sound

2 They said it was “impossible”
To make efficient power
But clouds can do it all night long
So why can’t we empower?

2 They said it was “impossible”
To generate electric power
Using an AC motor
But it works through every hour

3 They said it was “impossible”
To build a temperature into a home
That would keep us warm
      through every storm
But you should feel that dome

4 They said it was “impossible”
To make light compute for us
But I did it very swiftly
With laser light— no fuss

5 They said it was “impossible”
To look below the “quantum limit”
But I looked around, and quickly found
There was order hiding in it.

6 They said it was “impossible”
Well maybe it was back then
But now in this new century
We can look at things again

7 They said it was “impossible”
Well maybe it was for them
But that don’t mean we shouldn’t try
For we have no reason to condemn

8 They left some stuff for us to find
So we can make new things possible
If we’ll just take the time to look
Though they said it was “impossible”

But who’s got the last laugh now?

Exciting isn't it!

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-28-2010