The Circulatory System

This poem examines the scientific relationship between Natural Selection and the production of the Circulatory System including the heart, lungs, arteries, veins and capillaries.


1 Charlie said that complicated systems
Could not evolve, because
They provide no immediate advantage
As he claims food-competition does

2 The rules of Natural Selection
Depend on daily strife
To find food or be eaten
As the focus of its life

3 For, every generation
Must fight to get its food
Not a single day goes by
In this never-ending feud

4 But if a small change did show up
To build a system not yet ready
That change is NOT selected
‘cause it doesn’t help already

5 Only when each system
Is up and quite complete
Can it help him find his food
Or make him faster on his feet

6 If mutations happen
They’re selected by the fight for food
While fighting for survival
Before they make their brood

7 So as it’s stopped along the way
At each new generation
Because the need building block
Isn’t passed along to build a new creation

8 It doesn’t mater how long it takes
The process doesn’t run
Until the function’s working
When the building work is done

9 Let’s take as an example
Our heart with all its plumbing
To take oxygen to every living cell
And keep us always humming

10 It’s genes that hold instructions
Placed exactly where they’re needed
Putting atoms in their proper queue
For each thing that has succeeded

11 So—
How could a slight mutation
Build an artery or vein
That has no where to go yet?
Thus, its value is in vane!

12 What's more, the heart, which has no blood
Or a place to pump it to
How could evolution build it?
Does this make sense to you?

13 The heart itself is marvelous
A chambered muscle there
With check valves so positioned
To make blood pump to where—

14 The next step in its sequential task
Straight to the lungs it goes
To take life-giving oxygen
From you nose down to your toes

15 You think hearts are complicated
The lungs are really so
For every capillary takes in oxygen
But doesn’t bleed, you know

16 What’s more it works the other way
It gives off CO2
How does it know which way to go
In its sequence follow through

17 What good is blood
Without a heart to make it circulate
It all must have come about
At the same time, with nothing late

18 So—
How could any of its little parts
Be built by random shots
For natural food selection
To connect up all the dots?

19 Sorry Charlie, it doesn’t work
Your theory is a bust
Because it's just not logical
That’s why it bit the dust

20 So—
You’ll have to find a brand new theory
That doesn’t work this way
If you want to know, how we came about
And wound up here today

by John N. Hait

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Update 2-1-2010