How Gravity Really Works

This poem explains what Newton and others have not. How gravity makes things move, and some things heavy or light? Now we finally know!


1 What is this thing called “Gravity?”
Made Newton scratch his head
What makes some things like feathers
While others just like lead?

2 What is this thing called Gravity?
They’ve yet to figure out
How the mass of energy
Works within and without

3 When Newton saw an apple
Fall “down,” but where was “down?”
For just 12 hours later, the turning Earth
Would make them upside down

4 Why did it not fall up at night
It wouldn’t make much sense
Unless they were attracted to
The Earth
that’s so immense

5 What makes things move in orbit
Without loss of energy
They curve around without a sound
From straight lines seem to flee

6 Then Einstein came along and found
Swirling at the speed of light
That mass was really energy
They later proved him right

7 So what is this thing called Gravity?
How does it make things move?
When it’s all just resonant fields,
So our understanding can improve?

8 The key is in its resonance
How light will interact.
And bend in strong gravity
Without a wavelength match.

9 When oscillating fields
Overlap and wavelength match
There’s an exchange of energy
In quantum leaps at that

10 But gravity don’t work that way
Their phase is bent somewhat
Which causes circulations in the mass
To stretch out of their rut

11 Deep within its structure
It’s most fundamental thing
Is Femto Interference
Which makes it’s substance ring

12 Just like laser interference
If you change its phase relation
Its energy will wind up
In a slightly off location

13 ‘cause light will act the very same
It’s made of the same stuff
That’s how we learn how it does work
It tells us just enough

14 Every single wavelength
Undergoes this change
As input fields do intertwine
And planck units they exchange

15 Like all movement happens
When flow patterns loose rapport
They re-resonate right next to where
The whole thing was before

16 But gravity’s so big you see
Simple movement just won’t due
It keeps on bending mass’s phase
So it accelerates anew

17 Lead has much more energy
Than Feathers have in store
So there’s more wavelength interactions
To bend its phase much more

18 That warps the flow, which makes it go
To lessen up the stress
Within its pattern of field flow
To make it all progress

19 These are the things that others
Haven’t figured out
Because they’re still uncertain
What resonance is about

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-20-2010